Troubleshooting Your Pentair Kreepy Krauly Platinum

If you own a Pentair Kreepy Krauly Platinum Pressure Cleaner (LL505PMG), there may come a time when some troubleshooting tips will help you out of a jam. Look no further than today’s blog, as our troubleshooting tips and tricks cover a variety of situations and will certainly assist in ensuring your Kreepy Krauly Platinum is operating at its highest capacity throughout pool season and beyond!   

What is the Issue?

Your Cleaner Isn’t Moving

If your Kreepy Krauly Platinum is not moving or is moving sluggishly, or if it gets hung up around the steps in your pool, there are a couple of things you will want to try to get your cleaner up and running again. The first thing you want to do is check and make certain that your filter pump and booster pump (EC-LA01N) are both switched on and are working properly (you may need to clean your filter system to ensure proper operation). If that isn’t your issue, try checking the wall fitting screen (E24) to ensure that there is no debris impeding flow. You will also want to check the number of revolutions per minute (RPM) your cleaner is making; it should be making one revolution every six seconds. Your next step will be to determine whether the backup valve (LL10PM) is cycling. To do so, remove the valve from the water. The jet should come on for 30 seconds before shutting down for approximately three minutes and 30 seconds. You will then want to examine all hose connections and swivels for leaks. Lastly, you will need to check for any debris jammed into the gear teeth on the front drive wheels. If you find debris, gently rotate the wheels (370406Z) backward to dislodge the debris. 

Your Cleaner is Falling Onto its Side 

When your Kreepy Krauly Platinum pressure cleaner consistently falls onto its side, this is an indication that the debris bag (EU16G) needs to be emptied. If that is not the case, check to see whether the ballast float (LLA20G) is leaking; you do this by unscrewing it by pulling backward while turning counter-clockwise. Once that is done, shake the float and listen for water inside.  

The Cleaner will not Backup

You will need to determine whether the backup valve is functioning; to do so, remove the valve from the water. The jet should turn on for 30 seconds before shutting down for approximately three minutes and 30 seconds. You will then want to check the RPM your cleaner is making ~ the cleaner should be making one revolution every six seconds. If you are still having issues, try emptying the debris bag no matter whether it is full or half-full.

The Cleaner will not Climb 

Start by brushing your pool walls, even if no algae is visible. From there, move on to checking the RPM your wheels are making (the ideal RPM is one revolution every six seconds). You can then reposition the thrust jets (360027) to ensure the cleaner has maximum climbing ability. Please know that the climbing ability of the cleaner is dependent upon the shape of your pool and available water pressure. The cleaner will climb better in pools without sharp angles. 

Hoses are Becoming Tangled

Should you run into issues where your hoses (LL209PMG) are becoming tangled, begin with checking the length of the feed hose (LLD45PM) to ensure it’s not too long. You should also check to ensure that the feed hose is floating on top of the water and make certain the hose floats are evenly spaced. After this is complete, twist the hose swivels (LLD05PM) to see if they spin freely; if they do not, you will need to replace those specific swivels. Lastly, you can lay your hose out flat in the sunshine until dry to erase any ‘memory’ the hose may have. 

Booster Pump is Extra Noisy

If your booster pump is running noisily, you should begin by checking to ensure that the wall fitting (LLW22PM) is correctly mounted in your pool wall. Once that is done, make certain your pool filtration system is operating properly. If that still does not correct the issue, you will then want to contact a pool professional to look at your booster pump.

The Sweep Hose is Sucked into the Cleaner 

If your sweep hose (LLB5G) is being sucked into your cleaner, you will want to adjust the sweep hose using the adjustment screw (LLB20G); this is located at the bottom of the swivel mast. Ensure that your sweep hose is now moving in a gentle, sweeping motion. 

The Sweep Hose Breaks the Water Surface

To correct this issue, ensure that the sweep hose is moving in a gentle sweeping motion by adjusting the sweep hose utilizing the adjustment screw. You can also add an optional sweep hose weight (LLH07PM).    

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