All About the All-New CamerEye!

Hello and welcome! Today I’m excited to tell you all about the all-new and exciting CamerEye! This highly advanced AI-based Camera technology provides unique total protection for your home and family. We’ll break down how it works and what you can do with it and get into what you can expect in the box. So, let’s get started!

Smart Home Features For Your Pool

So, what should you expect once you get your CamerEye? Let’s dive into the basic system you will receive. Your base model will come with The CamerEye itself, a smart hub (I’ll elaborate on a bit more in a moment), and of course, you’ll receive your power cables. You receive (2) 15 feet durable outdoor cables with additional lengths available in the event you have an outlet more than 30 feet away from the camera mounting spot. Back on the topic of the smart hub. The smart hub is a multipurpose speaker that connects to the camera and the app which you can download on your phone for free! This hub helps process the high-resolution video from the camera and is also capable of sounding alarms in the event of any issues arising with your pool. 

A Pool Alarm That Provides Peace of Mind

The CamerEye itself is an all-weather camera that uses what they’ve called the Smart Fence Technology. This allows you to create a smart perimeter around your pool that will alert you when anyone enters the area around your pool and can even tell you if someone has entered the water! The CamerEye also allows you to keep an eye on jobs at all times from your phone, tablet, or computer. And even allows you to download videos for later viewing. The peace of mind this can give new parents can’t be understated. Pools can be dangerous and there are more than 3,500 annual drowning-related accidents in the U.S. alone and 15 percent more drowning-related accidents since the beginning of the pandemic. With the CamerEye system, it will trigger as soon as your child approaches the pool area. This will then be notified through the app and your smart hub. And if your child enters the water, alarms will sound and LEDs in the unit activate making it glow a bright yellow, alerting all those nearby. You can receive any of these notifications if power is lost or if the unit is damaged. This isn’t just useful for parents, just think of the possibilities! This is a fantastic tool for home security alerting you to anyone trespassing on your property, this also allows you to look into any home construction, repairs, and landscaping going on around the home. And of course, The CamerEye can also be calibrated to alert you if pets are in or around your pool. And alarms aren’t the only alerts available to you. The smart hub also allows you to be notified on the app, or even call up to five pre-assigned phone numbers. 


Basic Overview of Items in CamerEye

  • Smart Hub + Power Adapters
  • Camera + Mounting Hardware
  • (2) 15-Foot Cables
  • Siren (Sold Separately)

The CamerEye is poised to reinvent the world of at-home safety appliances. With its smart A.I. system and pool safety ecosystem. The CamerEye’s Unique design is a near essential for your home. Please do yourself a favor and check it out Here or watch the video below! And if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us Here! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!


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