An Update to Our PRE-ORDER System

Hello and welcome! Today I’d like to take some time to discuss our Pre-order system. As you may be aware the pool and spa industry has been facing shortages on most products. Chances are that these shortages will last late into 2022 or even into early 2023. So, here’s where you come in, say you are perusing our website and you find an item you’re interested in. you go to checkout, but it looks like this.

This means your item is on preorder! To put it simply we’ve ordered your item and we’re still waiting for it to come to our warehouse. We leave these orders open so that if you decide to make this purchase you can get onto the waiting list. Sounds great right? Well, we’ve been seeing some issues. Where in the past we were able to offer a roughly 30 to 90-day ETA, as of right now our manufacturers are not able to provide any form of ETA. We are doing everything we can to speed up this process, but there is very little that we can do. In conclusion, don’t hesitate to place a preorder on our website and secure your place in line so we can get your item as soon as possible! Thank you for reading and as always you can reach us here. Have a wonderful day!

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