Pentair Clean & Clear Cartridge Filter 100 - What's In The Box

Hello there again fellow ePoolSupply supporters!  Today I want to talk to you about what you will see in the box of Pentairs’ Clean and Clear cartridge filter 100. This filter is meant for small bodies of water as it is only 100 square feet. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS for a large body of water. We highly suggest doing some research on your pool and its equipment to make sure you get the right size filter for your pool needs.

 What is Pentair's Clean and Clear Cartridge Filter? 

Pentairs’ Clean and Clear Cartridge filters are long-lasting filters with a fiberglass-reinforced, chemical-resistant, polypropylene tank. It is one of the simplest filters to maintain and it has easy access to the cartridge which can be cleaned in minutes with a garden hose making this model extremely convenient. 

What comes in the box?

When you first open the box you will see a piece of styrofoam so it stays protected. Then you will see the accessory package. You will find all the paperwork in the package, such as the warranty and the installation instructions as well as a part breakdown so you know what you are looking for. They also include a paper giving you some safety tips so you can stay safe and not injure yourself while installing and have safe practices around the water. Another neat little piece of paper they give you is maintenance and repair tips. If you look in the bag again, you will see the air relief valve that will screw down directly into the top of the filter. This will allow you to release any air that might be in the system. There is a couple of ways air can get in your system for example, when you open it up to clean the cartridge or maybe there is an issue with the cleaner and it is sucking air so the valve will release that air and make sure that you can get that full pressure build-up. In the accessory package, Pentair does give you a little roll of Teflon tape and it is meant for the top union and will help everything stay nice and sealed. Another thing you will see in the accessory package is the pressure gauge. The pressure gauge will tell you when to clean the filter. That is everything in the accessory bag now when you look in the box again you will see cardboard cut out on top and that makes sure the filter doesn't move around. Now you can take the filter out of the box. When looking at the filter, the band clamp is located more towards the top and has smaller band clamp styles; you do not need nuts, bolts, and springs. It has quick releases on the side that you can lift and twist and take the top off. That will allow you access to the inside of the filter. If you look at the bottom of the filter you will see the inlet and the outlet. On the back, you will see the drain plug. It also comes with the unions so you will just hook everything up and it is ready to go. 

In conclusion, Pentair's clean and clear cartridge filter 100 is one of the best filters to buy. It is easy to install and requires low maintenance. It is perfect for a smaller body of water always make sure you do your research so you can buy the right filter for your pool. 

Check out our what’s in the box video so you can see all of the parts and get more information. 

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