Blue Square - Next Generation Lighting for Your Pool & Spa

Enjoying your pool and spa at night is one of the ultimate pleasures of being a pool owner. Whether a multicolored light for those party evenings or a simple white light for family swims, a pool light can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying a nighttime swim. Here at ePoolSupply, we are pleased to offer pool and spa lights by Blue Square.


Introducing Blue Square Lighting

Blue Square supplies lighting to homeowners who wish to upgrade their existing pool or spa lights to turn their backyard into a well-lighted oasis as well as to those who are renovating or who are in the process of building their dream pool or spa. With their famous quick-connect plug kits, Blue Square lighting can transform your pool into a beautifully lit nighttime refuge with only a bit of work. The quick-connect plug ensures the Blue Square lights will fit easily into many existing lighting locations in your pool without having to draw the cable out completely, making changing your existing light a breeze. Explore the various types of Blue Square lighting options as we continue below!


Blue Square Nicheless Lighting

Nicheless lighting by Blue Square fits perfectly into 1.5" wall fittings and bubblers. Homeowners can choose from white, warm white, brilliant blue, amber, and RGBW (red, green, blue, white) spectrum lights to illuminate their evenings. Choose from multiple lighting sequences to brighten up the dark and add to the atmosphere in your backyard! To add to the appeal, Blue Square's nicheless lighting can usually be installed utilizing the company's patented UL-approved plug. 

Blue Square Vivid 360

Whether you are renovating or simply replacing your pool or spa light, the Vivid 360 is an option for you! Offered in multicolor, white, warm white, and blue, the Vivid 360 has a wide variety of choices for you to choose from. Their adjustable tab system ensures the Vivid 360 will fit into most lighting niches including those from Jandy, Pentair, and Hayward. This option replaces 1.5" nicheless lights as well as fiber optics with a lovely LED light that will make your pool or spa radiant every night. Looking for a commercial option? The Vivid 360 lights are compatible with many commercial pools.  


Blue Square Lite Star 

Looking for adjustable-angle pool or spa lights? Blue Square has you covered with their Lite Star line. Lite Star pool and spa lights can be installed in new construction or as replacement lighting and have a beam that is adjustable by twenty degrees. These lights can be purchased in white, blue, or multicolor to accommodate almost any preference. Allow Lite Star adjustable lighting to reduce surface glare and enhance your pool or spa of any depth.



Blue Square Spectrum 360

Available in brilliant blue, bright white, or spectacular multicolor, Blue Square's Spectrum 360 lights are an option for any homeowner looking to upgrade their existing lighting or those who are just building their pool or spa. These lights protrude only 1/3" from the pool wall, making them a great choice for those looking to optimize space. The Spectrum 360s also come complete with Blue Square's innovative plug kit, making installation simple and easy. 



Why Blue Square?

When choosing lighting for your pool or spa, it is important to consider benefits beyond the way the light looks. Blue Square has beautiful lighting, but what about the additional advantages of Blue Square lighting?


LED Lighting = Energy Savings

When you compare LED lighting to old-fashioned incandescent systems, LED lighting utilizes 80% less energy while lasting 25% longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. This results in significant cost-savings for the homeowner throughout the life of their LED pool or spa light. 


Safety is King

Because LED lights operate at a lower temperature than traditional incandescent lights, Blue Square's LED lighting remains cool to the touch during operation. These lights are durable, resisting shocks, vibrations, and external damage, along with being weather-resistant, meaning you can enjoy peace of mind no matter what Mother Nature throws at you, in or out of pool season. 


Unique Colors

Make a statement and personalize your pool by choosing a color that represents you and your unique style! Blue Square lights come in a variety of colors from traditional warm white to RGBW multicolor, blue, white, and turtle-safe amber lighting. When choosing the multicolor selection, Blue Square's various lighting options, including the nicheless lighting variety, allow for pre-programmed lighting sequences, turning your regular nights into an event the whole family will want to attend! 


Get Your Pool Lighting at ePoolSupply

Whether you’re a new pool owner or you've been enjoying your outdoor paradise for years, you’ll need to outfit your pool or spa with quality lighting. For over 25 years, ePoolSupply has been the leading supplier of pool equipment and parts. As a proud retailer of Blue Square lighting, ePoolSupply invites you to peruse our website to fill all of your pool and spa lighting needs.     

With extensive experience in pool repair and maintenance, our experts are here to help walk you through the best pool lighting setup. Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns. You can reach us at 602-274-7946. 

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