Polaris 3900 Installation Instructions

Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters and followers! I will be going over how to install the Polaris 3900 Sport pressure side cleaner (F6). There will be part numbers added so you know exactly which part I am talking about. At the bottom, I have added a few tips below to help you even further while owning this cleaner. Right below there is a picture of the cleaner so you know which exact cleaner I am going over. Keep on reading to learn more! 

Install The Universal Wall Fitting 

The first step is to turn on the filtration pump and flush out the plumbing line then turn the pump off. Second, remove the universal wall fitting (UWF) (9-100-9005) from the quick disconnect and screw it into the return opening with the blue restrictor disk in place. Finally, turn the quick disconnect clockwise into the UWF and pull away to secure. You should hear the quick disconnect click into place. 

Adjust Feed Hose To Fit Pool Length 

First, measure the deepest part of the pool then cut the leader hose (D52) from the end that attaches to the feed hose so the length is equal to the greatest depth of the pool. Second, attach the leader hose to the feed hose (D47) and connect the hose to the pool wall at the return line. The hose end must be at least 6 inches past the water line, this will ensure the cleaner can reach every inch of the pool. Finally, adjust your hose floats (D11) properly on the leader and feed the hose. 

Connecting The Cleaner 

Before you start connecting your cleaner, the cleaner should be fully assembled and ready to go. The first step is to attach the feed hose connector (48-240) to the feed pipe by pressing it down firmly until it locks in. Next, the filter bag (39-310) will be packed in the collar area on top of the vacuum tube. Pull it out, separate the Velcro strips, wrap it around the hose, and resecure with Velcro strips. Thirdly, turn on the pool filtration pump and allow it to prime before turning on the booster pump. 

Check For Proper RPM

Before operating the pool cleaner, check for proper wheel revolutions per minute. For maximum efficiency, the cleaner should operate between 30 and 36 RPM. First mark the single-wheel side tire. Then turn the pump on, hold the cleaner below water level, and count wheel revolutions for one minute. If the count is not in the target range, you may need to adjust your flow. 

If you are having trouble with anything or are not sure how to do this please contact your local pool professional to come out and help you. If you have any questions please contact us and we can help you to the best of our ability. 

Routine Maintenance

To clean the bag, remove it by detaching the Velcro strips. Twist the bag collar and pull it up to free the bag from the cleaner. Then unzip both sides of the bag to remove the debris. You will want to empty the filter bag when it is half full. It will be easier to empty the filter bag when it is dry so it is always best to have a couple on hand. Now to clean the in-line filter screen, pull it out of the filter assembly, rinse, and press it firmly back into place. 

Storage and Winterizing 

It is best to never store the cleaner in direct sunlight. Find a dry-shaded storage area, like a closet or a shed. When storing for the winter, drain all the water from the cleaner so no water will freeze and ruin the cleaner. Use the quick disconnect to remove the UWF from the pool wall.

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