Hayward Aquabug Above Ground Pool Cleaner- What's In The Box

Hello there again fellow ePoolSupply supporters! I want to talk to you about Haywards Aquabug's above-ground pool cleaner and walk you through all the items that come included in the box. Hayward offers a variety of cleaners however, this is one of the best-looking cleaners they offer for your above-ground pool! 

The Aquabug turbine-powered cleaners are designed to clean the bottom of all sizes and shapes of above-ground pools. They operate off the pool’s existing filtration system and feature Hayward’s exclusive SmartDrive program steering so it won't miss a spot. Its unique turbine system provides constant balanced water flow assuring quiet operation and gentle movement across the bottom of the pool.  

When you first open the box, you will see the user's manual and the warranty information. The warranty information does tell you what is warrantable and what isn't warrantable on the unit itself. In addition to the warranty information, there is a medium-sized box in the middle where your cleaner head will be located. Once you take the box out with the cleaner head inside, you will see ten cleaner hoses. The cleaner comes equipped with nine standard hoses and one leader hose. The leader hose has an orange tag on it and that is what will plug into the cleaner head. It has a different cuff on the end of it so it will slip on the cleaner and keep a firm grasp. Next, if you open up the medium-sized box, you will see the bug's head which is separated from the body of the cleaner. The “AquaBug” head just snaps on the front of the body. In the box, it also comes with a flow gauge and a skimmer cone. These help with the regulation of the flow that goes to the cleaner. 

Check out our what's in the box video to see more information and details about Haywards Aquabug above ground pool cleaner.

What's in the Box - Hayward AquaBug Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Other Key Features: 

On the bottom of the cleaner head, it has flaps. These flaps are designed to help create the suction needed to pick up dirt and other various forms of debris off the surface of the pool. They operate by bouncing up and down to help direct the dirt and debris to the center orifice of the cleaner. This will allow the cleaner to sweep as it sucks up loose dirt and debris.  It also has a black rolling disc around the outside of the cleaner body. This black disk helps reduce noise during operation and it will help deter the cleaner from getting stuck. If the cleaner hits a wall, the cleaner spins in a circle until released, making it very difficult to get stuck. The cleaner’s “Smart Drive” technology works by allowing the cleaner to start in a circle. It will then continue the circle until it gets bigger and bigger. It also does circular movements the entire time it is in operation and it attacks little circular zones of your pool at a time making it have one of the most unique cleaning patterns in the market. 

In conclusion, Haywards Aquabug's above-ground cleaner is one of the best cleaner options for your above-ground pool. Based on performance, price, and proven reliability, these cleaners are the clear choice for above-ground pool needs. Please feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions or concerns. You may click on the link below to contact us directly! 

Check out our what's in the box video to see more information and details about Haywards Aquabug above ground pool cleaner.


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