How The Paramount PCC2000 System Cleans

Hello there again fellow ePoolSupply supporters! There is a cool cleaning product to think about installing while building your new pool. Many cleaning products can be used when building your pool. One of the most powerful in-floor cleaning systems is the Paramount PCC2000. It cleans 99% of your entire pool and is one of the most technologically advanced pool cleaners. It has a total 360-degree coverage and is achieved in 12-18 cycles. The Paramount PCC2000 in-floor cleaning system is uniquely designed for every pool size and shape. 


How The PCC2000 Cleans

The PCC system is a hydraulic water distribution valve and it automatically cleans your pool so you don't have to do a lot of the hard work. The nozzles pop up and powerfully push out a stream of water to sweep the debris to the debris collection zone. The pictures below it show all of the parts for the system. First, the water valve automatically directs a powerful flow to the nozzles. This is essentially the brain of the system. Then the pop-up nozzles sweep all the pool debris into the MDX-R3. All of the debris gets pushed to the patented collection zone. The collection zone stretches across the deepest part of your pool and all the debris that is in the zone gets trapped in the MDX-R3. The MDX-R3 is a drain at the bottom of the pool and it removes all the large debris and puts it into the containment canister. There is an optional equipment side or deck side debris containment canister to collect large debris before it reaches the pump basket. This will help to keep the pumps running smoothly without having too much blockage in the pumps.  

Here is step by step diagram of how the Paramount PCC2000 system cleans 



There are many benefits to using the PCC2000. For example, the circulation of water and chemicals from the bottom up means you will have a healthier and cleaner pool. So you will use fewer chemicals and end up saving more money in the long run. It will also lower your heating costs, you can save up to 30% on chemicals and energy.  The PCC2000 is built to last for the entirety of your pool life. The PCC2000 is virtually invisible and eliminates the use of hoses and vacuum cleaners.

There are two PCC2000 style heads you can get which are rotating and fixed. 

Rotating Nozzle 

 The rotating nozzle turns a notch every time the head goes up and goes back down. These nozzles are for the entire pool. 

Fixed Nozzle 

The fixed nozzle goes up and always stays in the same position. These nozzles are designed to go at the bottom of the pool. 

Typically when you get the nozzles they need to be adjusted so the water can stream out properly. Check out this video on how to adjust both nozzles. 



In conclusion, when building your pool the paramount PCC2000 system is one of the easiest and the best in-floor cleaning systems out there. It saves the hassle of dealing with vacuums and hoses. It also saves you money by reducing your energy usage by 30% and by keeping the water circulating so you don't have to use chemicals' as much either. 


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