Hayward Navigator V-Flex - What's in the box?

Hello and welcome! Today we will be talking about the Hayward Navigator V-Flex automatic suction pool cleaner. This pool cleaner stands as the standard of reliable long-lasting cleanliness. Let’s break down the unit and give you a rundown of what to expect with your purchase.

Let’s look at your options

Let’s start with distinguishing the difference between suction side vacuums and pressure vacuums. It’s a well-known fact that pressure cleaners are the better option for quickly and efficiently cleaning your pool but come with a fair number of drawbacks. For example, the pressure cleaner must be hooked up directly to a dedicated pressure cleaner or booster system that many pools do not have and are not equipped to have installed. Now you may assume based on the name that a pressure cleaner functions similarly to a pressure washer that you may use to clean your sidewalk by blasting cement with pressurized water, but that is not the case. What is happening is that you are recycling the water flow from your pool’s filtration system or more commonly a booster pump to power jets within the cleaner. As water is moved through your pool into the filter to be cleaned, it is released back into the pool through small jets within the pressure cleaner. These jets create a flow of water that sucks in surrounding debris into the attached bag as pictured below. This flow of water also drives the unit forward by running water through the driveshaft turning the wheels and moving the unit.

Alright! With that said let’s move on and break down suction cleaners. A suction cleaner works almost identically to a vacuum cleaner. It hooks directly to the pool pump or skimmer and pulls debris into your pool’s pump basket. Like the pressure cleaner, there isn’t some tiny engine or any batteries in this cleaner. The pump is powered by the flow of water through the cleaner turning a turbine within the body which in turn turns the wheel letting it move freely around your pool.  



Key features

The Hayward Navigator V-Flex automatic suction pool cleaner comes equipped with the V-Flex variable vane turbine which allows the unit to pick up larger debris such as leaves, twigs, and rocks more effectively than any other unit by automatically self-adjusting and preventing all but the largest clogs. Quick and easy setup means that the unit can go from the box to your pool within 10 minutes. No tools are required! Just plug into the suction side port of your pool like your skimmer and go. The unit also comes equipped with an exclusive patented SmartDrive preprogrammed steering pattern which offers unparalleled, reliable pool coverage, covering floor, walls, and coves.

Parts and functionality

Here are some of the extras you will be getting with your purchase of the Hayward Navigator V-Flex

And here is what you will be receiving within your kit if you would like a full parts breakdown or if your cleaner has been damaged and you need a replacement you can purchase any of the individual parts here.



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