How to clean out the debris stuck in your Polaris Atlas

Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters! For today's blog, I will be going over how to clean out the debris stuck in your Polaris Atlas cleaner (FSATLAS). I will also put a description of the cleaner and right below that there will be a picture of the cleaner so you can see exactly what cleaner I am going over. At the very bottom of the blog, I have attached a YouTube video our pool professional has made to show you exactly how to clean out the debris. Keep on reading to learn more!

About The Cleaner 

The Polaris ATLAS suction side pool cleaner collects fine silt and long, larger debris with unobstructed performance. Engineered with HALO technology for advanced debris removal, the ATLAS pool cleaner is designed to provide clearance for larger leaves that get drawn directly into the filtration system while preventing impediments to allow for continuous, uninterrupted cleaning. The ATLAS pool vacuum also attacks stubborn, stuck-on debris with concentrated scrubbing action to leave your pool impeccably clean. Combined with multi-directional navigation for enhanced movement patterns and powerful turbines that generate unsurpassed climbing ability, the ATLAS cleaner covers your entire pool — regardless of the pool’s surface — from floor to waterline.

How To Clean The Debris 

The first thing to do is to push down the button that is in front of the cleaner. Hold the button down and lift the top up, now you can see the whole inside of the cleaner. On the HALO technology, there is a little tab you can grab it and lift it up. Now you have full access inside the cleaner to clean it all out. After you clean it all out, you can replace the HALO technology part back in. This part needs to be lined up with Side A and Side B. The cleaner makes it easy and lets you know which side is which right in the front. You will need to make sure the bearings are pushed in all the way. Now you are all done, this should be simple to do. 

Step By Step: 

  1. Push the latch release button on the top of the cleaner to open the cover. 
  2. Open the lid and inspect the engine. Remove any debris. 
  3. Pull the engine by the engine blades and remove it. No tools required.
  4. Reinstall the engine. Make sure the engine is positioned with the large wheel on the right side (marked A) when reinstalling.  
  5. Close engine cover and ensure the latch clicks in place. 

In this video, our pool professionals walk you through how to remove the new Halo Technology that comes equipped with the "Brand New" Polaris ATLAS Suction Side Pool Cleaner. Advanced HALO Technology effortlessly eliminates fine silt and sand as well as larger, long debris with an innovative design that features unobstructed clearance to accommodate the different types of debris – directing it right into the filtration system. If you have any questions about this please contact us and we can help you to the best of our ability.

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