What's up Wednesday: How To Install Pentair IntelliSync

How To Install Pentair IntelliSync

The Pentair IntelliSync makes managing your pool, water features, and pump a breeze. Everything about the IntelliSync was made with the user in mind, including the installation process. With the right tools and equipment we're confident you won't have any trouble if you follow this guide. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at Pentair's IntelliSync Pool Pump Control and Monitoring System!

The IntelliSync is easily mounted for use with two anchors and screws included with the system. One of the mounting holes is easily accessed by removing the top or lid from the actual panel, the other is already visible for easy install.  

The installation kit should get the job done with just about any material including stucco, cinderblock, cement or brick and just about any material one can expect pool side. Once the controller is mounted, we suggest mounting the transformer as well to make things uniform, safe and nice to look at. However, the IntelliSync installation kit does not include mounting hardware (2 screws) for the transformer.

The system plugs in directly to 120 VAC outlet via an included cord and plug.



The current system and firmware support:

RS485 4 Pin, RS485 2 Pin, 6 Pin SuperFlo Connection, H1H2, and Air and Water Temperatures.


RS485 4 Pin (Automation) Black (GND), Green (-DT), Yellow (+DT), Red (+12 VDC).


RS485 2 Pin
(Automation) (Green (-DT), Yellow (+DT).

6 Pin SuperFlo Connection
(Red (+5V), Black (GND), Green (speed 1), Yellow (speed 2), Orange (speed 3), Brown (speed 4 - Quick Clean feature)., 


H1H2 (currently unused)

and Water Temperatures.

Once mounted, we recommend installing the power, water, and air temperature connections first before The SuperFlo/IntelliFlo depending on needs, as well as any other automation just for ease of installation. Working right to left on the IntelliSync panel. 

To Install The Air sensor, Run a 22 AWG (provided with the sensors), two-conductor cable from the Air Sensor to the IntelliSync AIR sensor. Then, expose the two conductors. Strip back each conductor and Insert the conductors into the AIR sensor. Secure the individual wires into the terminal.



To Install The Water sensor, wrap the sensor O-ring around the end of the sensor, install the O-ring and sensor into the hole drilled into the pipe and tighten everything down with a clamp nut. After, run the included 22 AWG to the WATER sensor on the IntelliSync. See diagram below!


Once everything is installed, the IntelliSync is easily utilized from mobile devices on the go and really makes managing a rental property with a pool or spa or both, headache free for all parties involved. 24/7 monitoring and control paired with maintenance alerts really make the IntelliSync (and all Pentair products) a joy for owner, renter, and pool operator alike. 

The added Status monitor makes for quick and easy diagnostics for day to day operations.


Connection LED:

Green: Wi-Fi connected to the home network.

Yellow: Connecting to the home network. 

Red: Not connected to the home network.

Mode LED:

Green: System in Auto mode (normal operating mode).

Red: The system is in Service mode. 

Yellow: The system is in Time out mode.



Follow along with the video below and contact us directly if you have any other questions or concerns. 


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