Fact Friday: How To Program the Pentair SuperFlo

How To Program the Pentair SuperFlo

Hello everyone, welcome to another Fact Friday from ePoolSupply! Occasionally we like to educate our customers about certain products in the industry. Today we will be discussing the Pentair SuperFlo VS Pump and the steps required to program the pump efficiently. Let's dive in! 

We can all remember a time when setting the timer on a pool pump or pool system was just like setting a dial timer on the stove. It is easy to see those days are a thing of the past now. Introducing the Pentair SuperFlo VS Pump; the SuperFlo Variable Speed Pump supports programming that allows the user to set speed, time and usage parameters. This adds additional savings on energy consumption when done correctly and lets the user control everything from start to finish. Speed, Start Time, and Duration are all addressable when programming the SuperFlo.

How do I save money?

The SuperFlo is a very efficient unit and as such doesn't need to run as much, as hard, or as often as other pumps on the market. At the end of the day, your savings will come from the pump running at a lower speed for longer periods of time. Having a proper schedule to clean, maintain and enjoy the pool is key and increases the energy savings. This thing practically pays for itself!

The SuperFlo also allows for a break in programming to allow service, maintenance or hand cleaning without having to reprogram the pump. The added feature of a 24 hour cycle makes the SuperFlo entirely automated aside from manually cleaning the basket in order to remove debris and keep the filter running as efficiently as possible. The added feature of being able to dial the speed back on the pump per program is really a game changer. With a good pool vacuum setup, it’s possible to run the Variable Speed pump at a faster rate initially for a few hours to get a good cleaning cycle in and then slow it down for the remainder of the day for continuous filtration and further energy savings. 

The pump is set to 3000 RPM's by default and can be raised to 3450 or lowered to zero depending on the need. Once the initial start time and RPM are selected, the user has the option to address how long the duration of the selected program will be. This is nice to set a cleaning cycle to only use more power when needed as well as giving the user more control over when and how often the pool is cleaned. This is an ideal feature for any rental property with a pool or spa or for users who don’t wish to turn the pump on our off cycle every day. In addition to the 3 programmable cycles, the SuperFlo features a Quick Clean feature that allows the user to pre-program and run a cleaning cycle without interrupting the scheduling. This is great for a fast spruce up before a shindig or even for Pool Service Technicians that might need to circulate chemicals they've added to your pool.  After the Quick Clean cycle has finished, the pump falls back into its normal programming so you don't have to go back out and manually turn it back on!

Follow along with the video below for the quick run through on programming your pump from start to finish!

The SuperFlo VS is one of the most user-friendly pieces of equipment that Pentair has to offer. Take advantage of superior cleaning, flow, and dependability you've come to expect from Pentair. We’d say the Pentair SuperFlo Variable Speed Pool Pump is the best 1.5HP Variable Speed Pump currently available on the market! Feel free to reach out directly with any questions, our team of pool professionals is happy to help!



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