How To Install The Polaris Quattro Sport - Start to Finish

Hello and welcome ePoolSupply supporters! Today I will be going over how to install the Polaris Quattro Sport pool cleaner (F4TR). I will also go over a little about the cleaner and have added a picture so you know exactly what cleaner I am going over. At the bottom of this blog, there will be a YouTube video our pool professional has made to show you exactly how to do this. H will also give you some tips and tricks. Keep on reading to learn how to do this install!

About The Cleaner 

When it comes to the Polaris Quattro Sport, debris doesn’t stand a chance. This pool cleaner was designed to devour various forms of debris with speed and precision. The Polaris Quattro Sport pool cleaner boasts 4WD agility, so it can aggressively climb the walls of your pool and brush the waterline. Pebbles, leaves, and even acorns do not stand a chance when it comes to the extra-large intake. The advanced dual-stage filtration collects fine and large debris into an easy-clean canister with a transparent window which helps you determine when to empty and clean out the filters. It is powered by a booster pump, meaning the Quattro Sport is ideal for all in-ground pools and surfaces.

How To Install 

Before you install anything you should turn on your filtration pump and turn on your booster pump. This is to get the lines flushed out for about 5 minutes. After that is done now you want to install the universal wall fitting. The wall fitting goes inside the inch-and-a-half threaded sleeve on the inside of your pool. Now install the hose to the wall fitting. After the hose is installed into the wall fitting, you want to make sure the hose can reach the further part of the pool. If the hose is too long then you want to cut it about 6 inches past the water. Now you want to install the hose connector that goes straight onto the cleaner. Once this is installed, pull the hose back out and put the cut end into the hose connector. Make sure you tighten the nut so the hose stays in place and will not come out. Now you can go ahead and put the cleaner in the pool. Now you can turn the pump on to make sure the cleaner is working properly. Once everything is working smoothly then you are all set. 

In this video, we walk you through step by step the things required to get your all-new Polaris Quattro Sport Pressure Side Cleaner up and running. We help the normal consumer and homeowner get this item working properly in their pool with little to no effort. We, at ePoolSupply, have had the chance to install this brand-new item from Zodiac at a local pool. We took the time to walk you through some very easy tips and tricks on how to get this item moving in your pool in no time! If you have any questions about this please contact us and we can help you to the best of our ability. 

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