Pentair GloBrite Gunite Niche For Concrete Pool And Spa Light - What's In The Box

Hello and welcome ePoolSupply supporters and followers. In today's blog, I will be going over what comes in the box for Pentair’s GloBrite gunite niche (620040) for concrete pool and spa light. I will put a little description of the product. Right below that there will be a picture so you know exactly what I am talking about. At the bottom of the blog, there will be a YouTube video our pool professional has made to show you exactly what comes in the box. He will also give you some tips and tricks. Keep on reading to learn what comes in the box!


About The Product

This is a replacement Pentair GloBrite Gunite Niche for GloBrite Pool lights for use in gunite or concrete pools. This niche includes 4 face rings (white, blue, gray, and tan). This is a plastic casing that gets pre-installed into your pool wall for the light to fit into. This niche is strictly for Pentair’s GloBrite lights. The GloBrite niche must be properly installed so that the top edge of the lens of the GloBrite light is at least 4 inches below the surface of the water in the pool or spa. The niche is installed after the conduit has been connected to the 2-inch sleeve.

What Comes In The Box

When you first open the box, the first thing you will see is the actual niche. On the niche, there will be a construction cap. The cap is so none of the dried concrete gets inside the niche. This is going to sit all the way into your pool wall where none of the extra parts is visible. Underneath that, there will be a little package that has the color rings in it. They give you different color rings so it will work with a multitude of different pebble tech colors or as well as any accent colors that you may have in your pool. If you use the black color ring then it will work with any color you may have in your pool. In the box, you will also receive the niche instructions and this is important to read so you know exactly what you are doing and what needs to be done.

In this video, our pool professional walks you through everything that comes included in the box when purchasing a Pentair Pool Light Niche for the GloBrite Pool and Spa Lights. Gunite Pool Light Plastic Niches are concrete pool light niches molded of high-strength, corrosion-resistant PVC with a 1-in. PVC hub. Both 45°and 0.75-in. reducer bushings are included. Gunite models feature rebar tie-backs and a plaster ring for clean, simple installations, and all are packed with a gunite/plaster shield. If you have any questions about this please contact us and we can help you to the best of our ability.

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