How to Navigate Pump Dashboard on Pentair Home App for IntelliFlo3 VSF

Hello, there again fellow ePoolSupply supporters today I wanted to talk to you guys about how to manage your pumps dashboard on the Pentair Home app. I also want to talk to you guys about Pentairs brand new pump the IntelliFlo3 VSF. Keep reading to learn about the IntelliFlo3 VSF and how to navigate the pump dashboard on the Pentair Home app.

What is the IntelliFlo3 VSF?

Pentair has made the first pump to combine true set it and forget it flow technology paired with the smart connectivity of the Pentair app. This pump sets a new bar for performance with built-in sensorless flow control for effortless optimum flow and aids in keeping the pool crystal clear and inviting, no matter what it requires. Pentair's IntelliFlo3 VSF (011075 and 011076) can save you up to 90% on energy savings with a slower speed and regulated flow. They have an all-new motor, drive, and hydraulics that exceed all U.S Department of Energy (DOE) requirements. Please note that this pump is for Arizona local pickup only. 

Pump Dashboard

The pump dashboard is your pump’s home page. All your basic pump info, run status, and programming can be viewed from this screen. If any pump alerts and problems are present they will also display at the top of the screen. Please refer to the numbers in the picture below. 

1- In the top right corner, there is a little gear that will display the device settings. Most of the pump features and settings can be accessed from there. 

2- You can tap to enable or disable your pump. A disabled pump will not start until this toggle is switched to enabled or the pump on/ stop button is pressed. 

3- Right under current it will display the current pump state. If a program is running then it will display as a program if there is no program then it will display as idle. 

4- The next program will display the next scheduled run after completion of the current program or idle. If it is programmed to be manual then “No Programs are Scheduled” will display. 

5- The run data displays estimates of the pump’s current flow, power consumption, and overall system pressure. 

6- The programs tab will display all the pump programs and their settings. Tap the tab to edit or start a program. Please note the quick clean will always display as a program tab and cannot be removed from the pump dashboard. Quick clean is programmed similarly to a timer program. 

7- The edit/ run program tabs will display when the program tab is pressed. To edit, open the program setup screen. To run now/ stop tap to manually start or stop a pump program. 

Check out the Pentair Users guide for more information on how to use the app  

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