How To Replace Hayward DV5000 Foot Pad

Welcome ePoolSupply supporters! In today’s blog, I want to go over how to replace the Haywards DV5000 foot pad. I will also go over a little bit about the cleaner and about the part. I will also attach our YouTube video below that will show you how to replace the DV5000 foot pad. If you want to learn how to do this then keep on reading!

About The Cleaner

The DV5000 (W3DV5000) is an automatic suction pool cleaner that can vacuum up dirt and debris in a single pass. It propels itself quietly and efficiently through the pool water cleaning up dirt, twigs, and other various forms of debris. Regardless of the pool's shape, size, or surface the DV5000 affords users a more energy-efficient and random cleaning pattern.

About The Part

The suction cleaner foot pad (DCX150) is a replacement part made by Hayward. It is manufactured with the same high-grade materials as the original factory part. Making this a legitimate OEM part. This foot pad was designed to aid in the suction power and maneuverability of this cleaner, while also being the base that connects and holds the disc. Both parts are the starting point at which the cleaner can agitate, suck, and pull dirt and debris off the surface of your pool. This foot pad is made from a clear rubber compound and has an opening that goes through the center of it allowing the dirt and debris to travel through. Also, it is located on the bottom of the cleaner making it both easy to identify as well as to remove and install when the pad needs to be replaced. It will deteriorate over the length of time and use of the cleaner along with the disc, so we suggest checking these parts periodically for wear.


How to Replace Foot Pad

To tell if you need to replace the foot pad, the ridges will disappear and the whole foot pad becomes flat. To take this off, you are going to grab any section of the foot pad and peel it right off. To replace the new foot pad, you will look at the cleaner and you will see it's got a flat end and then it's got a round end. The foot pad needs to go right in between the two ridges. You will get the rounded edge underneath and will work the whole foot pad around the rounded edge. This is a little bit tricky and may take a little bit of time.

Here, I have attached a YouTube video of our pool professional showing you how to replace Hayward’s DV5000 foot pad. In this video, we walk you through how to disassemble and replace the footpad that is connected to the bottom of the Hayward Pool Products DV5000 suction side cleaner. We provide professional insight along with any useful tips or tricks that may help you during the installation/removal process.


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