How to Setup your User Profile on the Pentair Intellicenter

How to Setup your Pentair Intellicenter User Profile 

In this week’s blog, we would like to run you through a very useful programming step for your Pentair Intellicenter! Check out all the information below along with the attached video for more information on how to setup your User profiles on the Intellicenter! Let's dive on in. 

Selecting the Correct Pool for Setup

The Pentair Intellicenter is the latest and greatest automation system provided by Pentair and range in many different models based upon a couple different factors on your body of water. These makes and models are not only for just the pool, but they offer many other models that can also control your connected spa! Please note, that is your spa is a different body of water (not connected to your pool) then you will need to purchase a very specific Intellicenter called the "Dual Equipment" model. Most of the common models vary based upon how many items you have connected to your system. Once you have selected the correct system for your pool equipment it is time to get it setup and running! 

Select a Wireless Network

After you have your Intellicenter all wired into your equipment and ready to be programmed, the first step is to select a wireless network. This will allow you to access the panel from the applications on your phone whenever you are away from your house! If your unit is connected to power and has a wireless connection attached, you can control your pool from anywhere in the world! Keep on ready for the step-by-step process on how to get your Intellicenter connected to your wireless network for the most functionality! 


Steps on Connecting & Profile Setup

Step One: Go to the settings logo on your touch screen panel. One here, you want to scroll down to the bottom of the list to "Pentair User Portal". Once here you will click on the "Enable Web and Mobile Interface". This is important to do first to ensure your Intellicenter is able to locate a wireless network when setting up. 


Step Two: Once your Web and Mobile Interfaces are enabled, you will want to return to the main settings menu. From here, the next step is to click on the "Advanced System Configuration" section. Once you are in this portion of the settings, you will scroll down and click on the "Network and Wi-Fi Setup". 


Step Three: Once you have made it into the Network and Wi-Fi Setup you will be looking for the "Connect to a Wi-Fi Network". Once this is selected you will start to see the Intellicenter start searching for available networks in its vicinity. Once the list is populated you can search through to select your network name. If you are unable to locate your network, it is possible the unit may be too far away from your Wi-Fi The only way to fix this issue is to either purchase a better router that can produce a stronger signal or simply purchase a Wi-Fi extender from your local store. This will create a relay for the signal and allow it to be found by the Intellicenter.


Step Four: Once your wireless network is found on the Intellicenter you will need to login into the Wi-Fi using your network password. This is case-sensitive and will need to be entered correctly for the connection to work. Once the information is entered correctly the Intellicenter will being a reboot process. This can take a few minutes for the device to restart so please be patient through this process.**Once the reboot has finished, you may go back into your settings under the same location and run a network speed test to see that your Intellicenter is properly connected to your wireless network. This will give you a response time rating to let you know how long it takes to respond to commands prompted by the user.


Step Five: Once you have your Intellicenter hooked up to your wireless network, you will want to return back to the "Pentair User Portal" to begin the connection to the Pentair servers. Once here, you are looking to add a new account to your Intellicenter settings. 

    ---- This will bring up all your information that can be changed directly from the Intellicenter screen. Simply follow all these instructions to finish your account setup. It will prompt you to create a new password for your login information. 

Please note, you will need to have one capital letter in your password for security issues. 


Step Six: Once the profile is setup and your information profile has been setup, you will need to begin the login information from your smart device. You will be downloading the "Pentair Home" application that is available on all mobile devices. Simply login using the same credentials you created on the Intellicenter and start using your automation from anywhere in the world!  

Video Walkthrough

For a full video walkthrough on this process, check out the video below! Until then, we appreciate you reading!


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