Most Effective Ways To Remove and Reduce Contaminants And Debris

What's up everyone! Welcome to another tips and tricks blog from the team over at ePoolSupply. Today we'll go over the best tricks to removing and reducing debris and contaminants in the pool and on the pool surface.

Yes, something as simple as a leaf or twig can cause serious harm to your pool and pools cleaning system. Organic matter and materials can and will stain certain pool finishes as well as fountains. To build on that, an excessive amount of any organic material in the body of water is something of concern. Besides the physical implications, staining, dirty pool surface and more, there is also the chemical impact.

Chemical Compounds in Pool Water

The chemical compounds end up breaking down in the body of water causing some undesired effects from time to time. Debris also hinder water circulation making it that much more expensive to disperse chemicals we want in the pool like sanitizers or chlorine and you can expect to need more of both if there is often leaves or tree branches which are common debris. Things like (hopefully this doesn't happen often) fecal matter, vomit, ect can be a pool draining situation which is also costly, but can usually be solved with a super strong shock or super chlorination. 

Hand Nets & Dish Soap to Remove Pool Debris

So what can we do to ensure we are doing the most to keep debris out of the pool? NET, NET and NET again. The easiest and cheapest way to keep things out of the pool is to keep an inexpensive net by the pool to simply scoop things out from time to time or even when you're swimming, using a hand held net. 

How about smaller debris? Dish soap can help with pollen or small flower buds. A few drops in the pool will cause said debris to cling together towards the edges of the pool. This makes it easier to net and at the least forces some of the debris to one spot.

Other Options: Leaf Nets, Baskets, & Canisters

At the end of the day nothing beats cleaning with a leaf net or leaf trap, but there are a multitude of options. Leaf baskets, leaf canisters installed via a cleaner hose as well as skimmers and other simple features like weir doors and eyeball diverters all effect where and how much debris is in the pool and not caught in the cleaning system. It's also important to manage grass, trees, dog hair and other naturally occurring debris that are out of your control. 

If you have any questions relating to the information found in this blog please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. Our team of pool professionals would be happy to help you out!


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