Pentair Above Ground Suction Cleaner - Rebel - What's in the Box

Hey there, ePoolSupply supporters and blog enthusiasts. Today we will be discussing and breaking down the Rebel suction side inground pool cleaner manufactured by Pentair. This cleaner offers some amazing qualities along with a super simple parts design making maintenance and part replacements headache free. Let’s dive right in!

What is Trade Grade?

First off, this pool cleaner is a Trade Grade model, meaning it cannot be bought, sold, or shipped through any online or ecommerce services. We do offer them locally here at our retail store to be picked up. The reason for this being, if sold online the 2-year warranty will be voided by the manufacture. We can however sell and ship all the individual parts through our ePoolSupply website.

The Rebel may look intimidating at first glance but that couldn't be any further from the truth. As previously stated, the simple design of this cleaner allows all consumers to perform their own maintenance. Whether it be replacing the tires that can and will wear down over time and use or removing the top cover to gain access to the internal parts like the turbine or cam gears designed to rotate the wheels. Speaking of parts below I am going to provide you with the full list along with the description associated to those individual parts.

Pentair Rebel Parts Breakdown

Let’s discuss what's in the box! Included in this purchase is several goodies that help the cleaner perform to its maximum capabilities ensuring a proper and efficient surface cleaning of your pool

  • Leader Hose - Attaches to the top end of the suction cleaner
  • Threaded Compression Adapter - Connects hose to your skimmer
  • Hose Float - Releases tension off the cleaner making it more lightweight to get over drain covers or other objects
  • Regulator Valve - Allows you to increase or decrease the suction going to the cleaner from the skimmer
  • Vac-Lock - Safety device used for dedicated suction line applications
  • Flow Gauge - allows you to dial in the proper suction needed for the cleaner to operate efficiently
  • 45 Degree Adapter - Helps hose stay level to the top of the water surface
  • Eyeball diverter - Helps direct water flow coming from your return lines
  • Hose Protector - Shields hose connected to the skimmer from wear or damage 
  • Flow Regulator Cap - To be determined 
  • Hose Kit - 40 Feet of hose length works for just about every pool size 


If you have any questions regarding the content found in this blog, feel free to give us a call directly. Our team of pool professionals is happy to help you!


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