What is TradeGrade?

What are TradeGrade Products?

Pentair and similar manufacturers designate certain products and parts as Trade Grade. So what does that mean, and why is that the case? 

Per Pentair Manufacturing, “This policy was established to provide an exceptional product ownership experience to pool owners by manufacturing equipment that perform to the highest standards while protecting the integrity of the Pentair brand. To achieve this objective, this policy was established to ensure accurate assessments and requirements (i.e. plumbing size, hydraulics, electrical, and/or gas lines) in order to assure proper equipment specification and installation by a trained pool professional.”

TradeGrade Product Vendors & Warranty Violations 

TradeGrade designation means a product is only to be sold from a brick and mortar store or location from an approved list of approved distributors or resellers vetted and trained by Pentair as qualified pool professionals. This takes the guessing out of the entire process and ensures the consumer is being provided adequate, accurate experiences regardless of actual purchase. To build on that, purchasing or selling the product on an eCommerce site or platform not only is against the rules and regulations of the manufacturer, it limits the warranty to a simple 60 day limited warranty and not the standard extended warranty Pentair intended for the longevity of the product or products. Pentair usually offers a 3 year extended warranty with labor or parts sometimes provided at no additional cost. All of this is voided when a Trade Grade violation is determined to have occurred.

TradeGrade Ensures Safety for Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Consumers

Pentair's list of TradeGrade products consists of about 1800 products. These products are intended to be installed by pool professionals and this rule is actually to prevent the consumer from getting in a little bit over their head. These products are usually far more expensive and complex than the average DIYer or weekend warrior may be able to tackle with ease. Another important factor is consistent, safe consumer and fulfiller relationships. Trade Grade products are monitored and regulated to ensure a safe and fair environment and experience for all parties involved; Manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers.

TradeGrade Overview

At the end of the day there is usually a similar or identical product that has an eCommerce designation and can be sold online. With that being said, the warranty is usually limited or shorter coverage is provided for these products because the manufacturer is not liable for improper installation, maintenance and usage.

The entire point in TradeGrade is to protect Pentair and the integrity of their products while protecting the consumer and ensuring proper assessments have been made and proper requirements are met before the product is installed. This is an ongoing policy and regulation that has existed since 2016 and has recently been updated and enforced in a more direct manner. Pentair has a team of dedicated professionals that scour the internet for violations 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Pentair TradeGrade Policy, feel free to reach out to us directly! Our team of industry professionals is happy to help you out!


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