Overview: Party Pool Super Concentrate

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Overview: Party Pool Super Concentrate

Welcome to another What's up Wednesday from ePoolSupply! Today we'll be covering the awesome power of Party Pool and even show you how to use it properly! Let's dive in!

As a child I can recall playing with food color with my parents around holidays baking or simply making dyed arts and crafts. A lot of the time we would add the food coloring to water to dilute it. I like to think of Party Pool as a giant food coloring dye for your pool, and it kind of works that way. Party Pool is a swimming pool additive that acts as an enhancer and clarifier while also adding  color to the swimming pool water. When used correctly, Party Pool is a safe and fun way to change the color in your pool for a party, a themed holiday, or just for fun. The 8oz bottles are available in Red, Blue, and Green, or a variety pack of all three. Each bottle contains non-toxic chemicals as well as non-caustic chemicals to ensure it is safe to swim and bathe in as well as safe for your equipment and pool surface. Each 8oz bottle will easily treat a 20,000 gallon pool twice and the color usually lasts 3-5 days depending on water filtration, bather load, and natural decay from sunlight and other weather elements.

Party Pool is a fun and different way to add a little something to your pool that won’t hit the wallet hard. With that being said, Party Pool is a super concentrated color additive and when used incorrectly can and will stain the pool deck, surface, and equipment alike. Another word of caution from the ePoolSupply team, party pool and dyed hair have some weird interactions and we wouldn’t suggest bathing in a Party Pool colored pool with dyed hair unless you’d like to match the pool! In our experience Party Pool won’t stain clothes, but like any color additive we suggest caution! When we say less is more, we mean it!

 Back to the fun stuff, Party Pool isn’t just for pool use. Ponds, fountains, and other water features are all safe for party pool use (we are looking at you Halloween party people). The additive works by simply diluting the concentrate with two gallons of water before pouring near the edge of the pool line and return jets. 30-60 minutes later and you’re ready to party! 3-5 days later and you’re back to crystal clear clarity in the pool water with Party Pool's clarifier. It’s important to note that there may be small traces of Party Pool left in and on some of the pool equipment. This should simply wash right off if there is in fact any residue left over.

Check out the video below to see the awesome power of Party Pool in action!

If you have any questions or concerns about using Party Pool in your swimming pool, fountain, or pond don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. Our team is here to tackle any issue you might run into!


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  • Tammy Hicks

    Someone added the green dye to a club pool. We are supposed to have a pool party for the club on Saturday the 2nd for our 4th of July celebration. How do we get the green dye out and get back to the beautiful blue water it was?
    Please help ASAP!!
    I tried to call and got a message to send an e-mail which I also did..
    Please respond or call 336-671-1521

    Tammy Hicks

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