Fact Friday: Pentair MasterTemp 400 Pool & Spa Heater

Fact Friday: Pentair MasterTemp 400 Pool & Spa Heater

The MasterTemp 400 is a gas fired Pool and Spa heater that features Schedule-40 PVC Pipe fittings and connections for easy installation and use. Perfect for Chlorine and Salt Water Pools alike, Pentair added all the bells and whistles to this top of the line heater. The Master Temp is top of its class in safety and has all the steps and protocols in place to ensure a safe, smooth operation for even a beginner pool enthusiast. Pentair offers a Propane and Natural Gas version of this heater for various applications. The actual fuel feeding orifice can however be changed to accommodate a fuel change. For instance, the Propane MasterTemp 400 can be retrofitted with a Natural Gas orifice and vice versa. The versatility of MasterTemp and it’s efficiency make it in our opinion the best heater on the market and at a more than affordable price point. With full automation and support via the Pentair IntelliCenter, the longevity and efficiency of the 400 makes for a safe & inexpensive heating system that will operate to the best of its ability when you expect it to. An electronic thermistor inside the inlet of the heater controls the flow and temperature at which the heater is designed to provide the operator. Once the heater is ready to operate it must first go through a series of safety interlocks to ensure safe operation. Pumps 2HP or more usually produce more than 120 GPM. If the flow from the pump to the heater is more than 120 GPM a manual bypass valve is required for safe use and must be purchased and utilized to lower the GPM to the heater within the 120 GPM threshold.

The MasterTemp does operate at a very high temperature and can safely heat water to a maximum of 104° F with 100° F being the safest elevated temperature one should bathe in for a continuous amount of time. The nicest part of installing the 400 is it’s open installation parameters. The 400 can be installed both above and below the waterline of the pool as well as flush with the pool deck or surface without any real elevation limitations. If the heater is installed below the level of the waterline in the pool, or more than two feet above the pool's waterline, the water pressure switch will need to be modified to accommodate. With that being said, additional products may be required to achieve the desired effects outside of the 400’s default installation parameters. The 400 does support manual and automatic bypass systems as well as automated valves like Pentair’s IntelliValve system, but does require a filtration system in order to operate correctly. Following the installation requirements will ensure you qualify for the included manufacturer's warranty. 


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