What's In The Box: Pentair Sand Shark

What's In The Box: Pentair Sand Shark

Welcome to another "What's in the Box" from ePoolSupply! Today we'll be going over the SandShark Suction-Side Pool Cleaner from Pentair, let's dive in!

The Pentair SandShark is a suction side pool cleaner with an extra-wide cleaning path. Pentair combines scrubbing and vacuuming for superior performance and cleaning power. This Blue and White cleaner features a large footpad on the bottom of the cleaner to ensure a proper connection and seal with the pool surface. A 12 inch radius for each cleaning pass makes the cleaner both effective and sleek. The SandShark ships standard with a Vacuum Regulator and Reducer Cone for easy installation in either a Skimmer or Vac-Port! The Reducer cone accepts one-and-a-half inch to two inch plumbing, taking the guesswork out of finding additional accessories for the SandShark. The cleaner hose is interchangeable and does not require cutting or modification aside from simply unlinking the unneeded hose lengths and saving it for later use. The cleaner is powered by a large Oscillator and should be able to handle whatever debris is in its way. The cleaner itself will sort of rock and click as it moves across the pool surface, scrubbing and vacuuming with the ribbed pads that grab debris and contaminants in a similar fashion to a window squeegee. The SandShark can accommodate the majority of in-ground pool surfaces. The cleaner moves and tracks in random patterns, so it’s important to make sure the water circulating isn’t hindering the cleaning process and movement of the cleaner. Pentair includes eyeball diverters to assist the cleaner and ensure it can move unrestricted. The cleaner should move about 10-15 feet per minute when unrestricted. With that being said, flow against the hose will aid the cleaner away from any obstructions for continuous cleaning. Pentair has also designed an In-Line Leaf Canister to act as a pre-filter for larger amounts of debris or pools with trees, leaves, or branches. The Leaf Canister isn’t included with the SandShark, but is absolutely an attractive upgrade when looking for just a little bit more out of the cleaner. The SandShark is ready to roll out of the box. Compared to other suction-side cleaners, the SandShark is rather inexpensive when it comes to maintenance and repairs. It is simple to repair and replace at home for the typical "do-it-yourselfer" or weekend warrior looking for affordable cleaning without much physical work or maintenance. The Footpad and Seal Flaps will see normal wear & tear and will more than likely need to be replaced from season to season. For the most part, the other components should last a little bit longer with proper maintenance and care. It’s also important to note that this cleaner should be removed from the pool while adding any chemical additives or shocks. Aside from that, Pentair suggests leaving the cleaner in the pool as much as possible and to just simply unplug the cleaner when bathers are expected to enjoy the pool. For a further look into the SandShark be sure to check out the video below!

As always, give us a shout if you have any questions. We're happy to lend a hand!



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