What's In The Box: Pentair Racer

What's In The Box: Pentair Racer

Welcome to another What's in the Box Wednesday from ePoolSupply! Today we'll be going over the Racer Pressure Cleaner from Pentair, let's dive in!

The Pentair Racer is Pentair’s answer to the 4 wheel Pressure Side pool cleaner. With a large debris bag and orifice, the Racer can accept a multitude of different debris sizes and shapes. Three ten-foot hose lengths come standard with the cleaner as well as an added inline screen to ensure no debris is in the hose or booster pump. Each length of hose has an installed hose swivel to aid the cleaner with mobility and to guarantee it doesn’t get stuck on any steps or corners. The front section features two larger wheels compared to the wheels in the back for added movement and grip. The front also includes a large scrubber bar that rotates as the cleaner moves along the pool surface brushing dirt and pushing debris into the orifice of the cleaner directly from the pool floor! The powerful venturi jets underneath the cleaning orifice aids the cleaner and forces debris into the cleaner where it is secured with the patented debris valve inside the cleaner bag. The Racer has a sleek water powered LED light on either side of the cleaner that lights up the cleaner and pool as the Racer moves about. The added tail sweep hose knocks any remaining debris around so it can be properly picked up by the cleaning orifice and debris bag.

The cleaner moves in patterns and adapts as it cleans. About every two minutes the cleaner changes direction and actually cleans in reverse to ensure everything is scrubbed, vacuumed and thoroughly cleaned before moving onto the next section of the pool surface. This efficient cleaner can and will clean most pools quickly, and a standard cycle for this cleaner is about two to three hours, depending on the amount of debris. With that being said, we suggest emptying the cleaner bag in between each cleaning cycle to ensure optimum performance and cleaning power as well as longevity with the cleaner and booster pump. In addition to the debris bag, we recommend cleaning the wall fittings often as well to ensure it is free of debris. Like most pressure side pool cleaners, there is a lot going on inside and outside this cleaner in order for it to operate properly. And like most complex machines, once dialed in and set up properly it will provide unmatched cleanliness, speed, and efficiency. In our opinion that more than outweighs the setup and maintenance needed.

Check out a full breakdown of the Racer below!

If you have any questions regarding the Pentair Racer Pressure Cleaner, please don't hesitate to contact us directly! Our team of pool professionals is happy to help you out!


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