Installation of Your Pentair Kreepy Krauly Platinum Pressure Cleaner

Are you a new owner of Pentair’s Kreepy Krauly Platinum automatic pressure cleaner (LL505PMG) or are you a pool professional looking for some installation suggestions? If so, this is the blog post for you! We will be going over how to install your cleaner, what is required, and some tips and tricks to help out as you go about hooking up your brand-new cleaner.     

Installation Information

Pool Connections

The Kreepy Krauly Platinum is equipped to connect to a female threaded 1.5-inch line. If you have a Pentair Universal booster pump (EC-LA01N), this cleaner will connect easily.   

Booster Pump Required!

If you already have a fully operational ¾ horsepower booster pump installed at your equipment pad, feel free to move on to the next section. If you don’t currently have a booster pump installed, you are going to require one to run this pressure cleaner. The experts at ePoolSupply can assist you with answering your questions and purchasing a suitable pump to run your cleaner.    

Please keep in mind that booster pumps are not self-priming, therefore they need to be fed with water from the pool filter before any type of in-line chlorinator. 

Installing the Twist Lock Pressure Relief Valve (LL25PM)

Your first step is going to be to remove any existing pool cleaner and wall fitting (LLW22PM), then go ahead and turn on the filtration and booster pump to flush out the plumbing line. Once that has been accomplished, turn off the filter pump and the booster pump. 

You will then need to remove the wall adapter from the wall fitting. Be sure to screw the adapter by hand into the dedicated line so that nothing is overtightened. When that is done, take the wall fitting and twist lock the wall fitting into the wall adapter one-quarter turn and pull out to a snug fit. Once the wall adapter is secure, you should now be able to twist lock and unlock it to remove the wall fitting easily.

Cutting the Feed Hose

When you first receive the hose assembly, it will come with a total of five sections totaling 30 feet. The backup valve (LL10PM) should now be 30 inches from the head cleaner. Prior to installing the hoses, it is important to lay the hoses out straight in a sun-filled area for 24 hours; this allows the hose to straighten from the curl it developed while in the factory box. You may need to turn either the first or second hose around to help the hose remain straight. 

Once your hose has straightened out, you are ready to continue! It is time to use a telepole (or the clear end of the feeder hose) to measure the depth of your pool; you will then cut the clear hose to be equal to the depth of the pool. A helpful tidbit: the main drain at the bottom is generally the deepest point in a pool. The clear hose that comes with the Kreepy Krauly Platinum is 10’ long (LLD50); if your pool is deeper than 10’, you will not cut the clear hose at all. Make certain to mark the telepole where the water hits; this will allow you to proceed with the next step.  

Lay the telepole next to the clear (soft) hose. If the clear (soft) hose is longer than the mark on telepole, cut excess from the end attached to the white or grey (hard) hose (LLD45PM). Do not cut off the float (LLA20G). Leave the first float in position next to the Back-Up Valve. Place the second float midway between the first float and the Hose Swivel (LLD05PM). 

Your Kreepy Krauly Platinum is Ready for Use!

Your Pentair Kreepy Krauly Platinum will, when working correctly, travel throughout your pool in a random pattern to clean dirt and debris from the bottom surface. The climbing ability of the Kreepy Krauly Platinum will vary as the cleaner will perform most efficiently in pools without sharp angles or curves between the bottom of the pool and the walls.

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