Operation and Maintenance for Your Pentair Kreepy Krauly Platinum

You’ve purchased and installed the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Platinum Pressure Cleaner (LL505PMG), so now what? It is time to ensure that your cleaner is operating as it’s supposed to function and to perform any maintenance that may be required. Today’s blog should assist you in ensuring your Kreepy Krauly Platinum is operating at its highest capacity throughout pool season and beyond!   

Before Performing Maintenance

Turning Off the Kreepy Krauly Platinum

As a reminder, your Kreepy Krauly Platinum Pressure Cleaner runs off of a booster pump (EC-LA01N) that is likely installed with the rest of your pool equipment pad. To turn off your cleaner, you will turn off the time clock on your booster pump; to restart your cleaner, you will simply turn the time clock back on. 

Connecting or Disconnecting your Kreepy Krauly Platinum

When you go to connect your Kreepy Krauly Platinum, start by turning off both your booster pump and your pool pump. Once that is done, twist lock the wall fitting (LLW22PM) clockwise into the wall adapter. In order to disconnect your cleaner, unlock and twist the wall fitting in a counter-clockwise direction. No matter whether you are connecting or disconnecting your cleaner, be certain to leave the wall adapter in the pool wall!  

Cleaning the Sand and Silt Bag

To get started with the process of cleaning your sand and silt bag, you will need to carefully unlock the debris bag (360009) from the vacuum tube, then push the U-shaped snap lock closure upwards with your thumb until it opens. When doing this, be certain to swing the snap lock closure away from the opening. You are now ready to open the bag and remove any debris that has accumulated over time, though you may wish to give the bag some time to dry before attempting to empty the bag; doing so makes it easier to fully clear the bag. A second debris bag is a great option to choose as you can keep using the cleaner while waiting for the full debris bag to dry out.  

Once you have opened the sand and silt bag and removed any debris, you will be ready to close up the bag once again. To do this, you will need to push the middle of the bag inward while bringing the edges together; this will make the bag stack similarly to an accordion. You will then swing the snap lock closure back into position and gently push the top of the U shape to get the snap lock closure to snap into place. From there you will need to reattach the strap onto the feed hose (LLD45PM); at this point you will be ready to reinstall the debris bag to your cleaner, so go ahead and reconnect the debris bag to the vacuum tube. While reattaching the debris bag, be certain not to overturn or force it; it should reconnect with minimal effort. 

It is best to empty the debris bag on your cleaner whenever it reaches half full; that way your cleaner is always operating with optimal efficiency. If you have an abnormally large amount of debris in your pool, try running your Kreepy Krauly Platinum in two shorter cycles during the day, taking care to empty the debris bag between cycles. 

Periodic Maintenance

Your Pentair Kreepy Krauly Platinum is a reliable machine, but it does have some parts that will wear and eventually require some maintenance or replacement. Read on to learn some tips for handling some of these issues.

Wall Fitting Screen

A secondary filter exists inside your wall fitting; this is a filter screen (E24). The debris screen is meant to catch any debris that has passed through your pool filter and out of the cleaner. If this screen is filled with dirt and debris, this could be a sign that there is an issue with your pool’s filtration system and you will likely need to contact a local pool professional for advice. Please keep in mind that running your cleaner without the debris screen will void your warranty from Pentair, so be sure to have the screen in at all times. 

Should you have a need to clean the debris screen, simply pull the screen out from the wall fitting and rinse it thoroughly. Once the screen is clean, go ahead and put the screen back inside the wall fitting. Please keep in mind that, whenever you are cleaning your screen or backwashing/repairing your filter, you will need to remove the wall fitting and flush the dedicated line prior to reattaching the Kreepy Krauly Platinum.   

Tires and Bearings

The tires (370405Z) on the Kreepy Krauly Platinum are designed to protect the floor of your pool and to provide excellent traction for the cleaner. You will occasionally have to rotate your tires and replace them as needed. The wheel bearings (EC60) are a wear item as well; though they are warrantied through the manufacturer at the time of purchase, it is expected that the bearings will need to be replaced after a period of time. You will know that a bearing requires replacement when it no longer spins freely. 

Roller Rings

The sweep hose (LLB5G) is accompanied by a series of roller rings (EB10G) that prevent the sweep hose from being damaged while it whips around in the water. These rings tend to wear down over time; to prevent flat spots from developing, you may change the location of the roller rings to another location on the sweep hose.

Debris Bags

Fine mesh sand and silt bags are the debris bags you are most likely to use with your Pentair Kreepy Krauly Platinum cleaner, though you do have the option of purchasing a separate leaf bag (EU15G) that will allow your cleaner to pick up harsh debris such as leaves, sticks, and the like without tearing as readily as the fine mesh bags. No matter which bag you choose, you will need to remove your cleaner from the pool prior to adding chemicals; this will ensure a longer life for your debris bag.

Important Factors to Consider

Backwashing Your Pool Filter

You must be sure to disconnect your Kreepy Krauly Platinum whenever you go to clean or backwash your pool. Once the cleaning or backwashing is complete, allow the pool filtration system to run for approximately five minutes to clear the return lines before reconnecting your cleaner.

Storing and Winterizing Your Kreepy Krauly Platinum

Please be certain not to leave your cleaner in direct sunlight. When you go to winterize your cleaner, first ensure that all of the water is drained before you store the product. This is of high importance because damage from freezing will not be covered under your warranty. You will also want to be sure that you remove the wall fitting as you go about winterizing your pool.

Troubleshooting Your Sweep Hose Weight

Should your sweep hose (LLB5G) break the surface of the water and spray outside your pool, you can install a weight (EH09C) on the sweet hose to prevent that from occurring. 

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