What To Know About The New Paramount ParaFloXE Pump

Hello ePoolSupply supporters! Paramount has recently come out with a new pump called the ParaFloXE! The ParaFloXE ultra-efficiency multi-speed pump combines the exceptional performance, reliability, ultra-quiet operation, and energy savings of best-in-class variable-speed pumps, with the ease of installation, setup, and operation of a single-speed pump.

Paramount ParaFloXE

This pump is designed without the complexity of most variable speed pumps, ParaFloXE is simply one of the most efficient pumps in the industry. The XE pump will operate on a 24-hour daily schedule which runs continuously and restarts every 24 hours. This 24-hour schedule is split into 3-time intervals which are each programmable to one of several different speeds. The pump button allows you to program the daily schedule, enter the manual override mode, and clear motor/ drive errors. The XE pump has a built-in self-priming feature which will cause the pump to operate at maximum speed for 8 minutes to self-prime after certain conditions. The pump will prime when either the power is first applied to the pump, an interval with a programmed speed follows and the interval which was set to stop, or when completing programming or exiting override mode. When paired with automation, the pump is easily controlled via one high-power relay, and programming the operational profile of the pump is a set-and-forget process taking less than a minute with just one button.

This pump can be controlled by automation controls using an on/off output. This operation uses the automation controls high voltage relay to apply/ remove power to the pump. If your pool automation control features a schedule function for the relay output, the pump can be turned on and off daily at present times and be allowed to run for a fixed amount of time. The ParaFloXE pump exceeds DOE/ Energy-Star benchmarks for utility rebates and has a standard 3-year limited warranty. When you get the pump delivered, it includes 2-inch by 2.5-inch CPVC unions at no extra charge. This pump is a third lower in price than other similar equipment. It's a dedicated in-floor booster pump, water feature pump, and filtration pump that is up to 35 thousand gallons, the ParaFloXE delivers everything you need.

Please note the ParaFloXE will only work with the Paramount in-floor system. Check out our Paramount in-floor collection here.

Paramount ParaFloXE Key Features:

  • 2.25 total horsepower
  • 1380 - 3450 RPM
  • Dual voltage versatility (230 / 115V)
  • Up to 9.3 WEF
  • 3-year warranty 
  • Standard 3-year limited warranty 
  • Relay operation work with every brand of automation 
  • Field-proven, easy-to-service wet-end design
  • Set-and-forget one-button speed programming, set at the pump by the installer (not through automation), ensures consistent performance 

Check out the Video Paramount made about the ParaFloXE 


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