Pentair Genuine Replacement CNC Plus 420 Cartridges (4 Pack) - What's in The Box!

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great, and welcome back to yet another exciting blog. Today I would like to discuss a product made and manufactured here in our great country. Pentair makes in our opinion the best quality products on the market so there should be no surprise that today we will be discussing their Genuine Replacement CNC Plus 420 Cartridges (4 Pack) (179135).

These cartridges are sold in a variety of sizes to fit your specific filter needs and capacity. Exceptional quality should be the number one priority for your pool equipment. The new Pentair Genuine Clean and Clear Plus replacement cartridge 4 packs contain four easy-to-clean, non-woven, polyester cartridges. The Clean and Clear Plus Filter and cartridges are certified to NFS/ANSI Standard 50 to ensure the product meets industry standards to help protect water, consumers, and the environment. The NFS mark assures consumers, retailers, and regulators that certified products have been rigorously tested to comply with all standard requirements. These Pentair Genuine cartridges have been factory tested and certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 50 to provide extreme quality and superior performance compared to generic options.

Genuine Replacement CNC Plus 420 Cartridges (4 Pack) (179135)

What Should I Expect When Receiving this Product?

Well to start with the most obvious thing to expect is a large brown box clearly labeled and marked with the Pentair brand (this also lets you know that it is a genuine OEM product and not aftermarket). When opening the box, you will first remove the packing paper, after doing so you will see 4 cartridges individually wrapped in plastic to prevent any debris or contaminants from making their way onto the filters before you are able to install them. You will then notice that there are bands placed strategically along the outer base PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THEM. They are there for a reason and that reason is to keep their form because when they are introduced to water they will expand and move, this can cause issues with the system so please refrain from doing so. There is also a plastic tubular piece in the center that also helps keep the form of these filters which may not look the same as the ones you currently have but it does not affect the way they function so no need to worry about their appearance.

Pentair Genuine Replacement CNC Plus 420 Cartridges
Pentair Genuine Replacement CNC Plus 420 Cartridges

Pentair has done an amazing job of offering an evolving portfolio of pool filters that create solutions for every pool regardless of its shape or size. We are so excited to see where this company will go in the future and how it will expand the horizons for every pool owner not just here in our great nation but around our beautiful planet. We hope you found this information in this blog to be useful and if you still have lingering questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us directly, we are just a call and a click away. Also, don't forget to check out the video below for more details and visuals. From all of us here at ePoolSupply thank you for reading along and keep on swimming!

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