Overview of Hayward PoolVac V-Flex Cone Gear (AXV070)

Hello ePoolSupply supporters and fellow blog enthusiasts. Back with you all again to go over a particular suction side cleaner but more importantly one of its more vital parts. The cleaner I am referring to is the Hayward PoolVac V-Flex and the part we are going to go over is the cone gear (Part # AXV070). It is made up of clear plastic making it translucent and gear-like teeth run along its outer edges. It also has a male end fitting that is formed upwards to allow easy passage of water through the cleaner's internal system providing it the power to operate effectively.

Hayward PoolVac V-Flex

PoolVac V-Flex automatic suction pool cleaner delivers more power, reliability, and performance than ever. Equipped with patented V-Flex variable vane turbine technology, PoolVac V-Flex can pick up larger dirt and debris more effectively than any other cleaner on the market for peace of mind of clog-free cleaning. It maximizes suction power even at lower flow-making it the perfect partner for use with variable speed pumps. Its unmatched patented AquaPilot programmed steering determines the most efficient cleaning path around any pool and assists with cleaner maneuverability for the most reliable, complete pool coverage.

What is the Purpose of the Cone Gear?

The cone gear is vital to the cleaning success rate of these suction cleaners because this is the unit that turns the cleaner in a different direction, either right or left so that way it can cover the entirety of the pool surfaces. The gear gets this power through a series of gears like the medium turbine drive gear, spindle gear, and then finally through the intermediate gear which rests on and next to the cone gear. It also rests near the cleaner's head between the top cover and upper-middle body. It also connects to the cleaner's hose assembly (via the male end fitting as stated above) Which creates the sucking power as well as the passage for the dirt and debris the cleaner sucks off the pool's surface. From there pushing it all back into the pool’s filtration system leaving behind a clean and clear pool surface in its path.

Now because this is a gear it most certainly means that over an extended period of time and use the teeth along its outer edge will wear down and its efficiency will deteriorate. It is always best to check not only this product but all the other wearable parts periodically for any wear or damage that can directly affect the way the PoolVac V-Flex operates.

In conclusion, Hayward makes a great line of products and when it comes to the basic rules for taking care of your pool, keeping it clean is most often the first thing that comes to your mind. Clean pools are inviting for the likes of all. Hayward’s reliable pool cleaners provide pool owners with peace of mind and total relaxation. Cleaners vacuum and scrub the floor and coves of the pool so you don’t have to (although you still need to brush the walls from time to time). We hope you found this information in this blog to be useful and if you still have lingering questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us directly, we are just a call and a click away. Also, don't forget to check out the video below for more details and visuals on how to replace the cone gear. From all of us here at ePoolSupply thank you for reading along and keep on swimming!

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