Pentair IntelliBrite 5g Color LED Pool Light - 50 Foot Cord - What's In The Box

Welcome ePoolSupply followers! In today's blog, I would like to go over our YouTube video of what comes in the box for the Trade Grade Pentair IntelliBrite 5G color LED pool light with the 50-foot cord (601001). In this video, we walk you through everything that comes included in the box when purchasing a Pentair IntelliBrite 5g Color LED Pool Light (601001) (Trade Grade). This particular light is part of Pentair's "Trade Grade" series which unfortunately means it cannot be sold through online services. It can, however, be purchased at a retail store which we do offer here locally (Phoenix, AZ) at our store.

About The Light:

The IntelliBrite automated color-changing pool lights feature LED technology - the wave of the future in energy efficiency, lifetime value, quality of light, and controllability. With IntelliBrite, combinations of individual colored LEDs are mixed and matched to achieve a vibrant spectrum of colors. These combinations are power sequenced to illuminate and cycle through colors at varying speeds and in different sequences of color. Combined with a custom reflector and unique lens design, IntelliBrite offers efficiency while being the brightest yet most energy-efficient underwater LED light available.

Light Features:

  • Choose from 5 predetermined fixed colors (blue, green, magenta, white, and red) or 7 popular preprogrammed "color shows"
  • Consumes less energy than halogen or incandescent lights
  • The pool lens can be rotated to 180° to provide a wide beam pattern (standard) or narrow beam pattern
  • Designed to work with IntelliTouch® and EasyTouch® Control Systems


Product components:

  1. Custom reflector to eliminate hot spots
  2. LED lights for exceptional light intensity
  3. Superior lens geometry to improve color effects
  4. Light beam distribution creates more uniform illumination

Color Options:
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Magenta
  • White
  • Red

What Comes In The Box?

When you open the box, you will see a piece of cardboard and you can just take that right out. Now you will see the light and the cord that is attached. Taped on top of the light it comes with screws. Right under the light, will be the paperwork that you will need to look over and keep. In the paperwork, you will the warranty cards and the owner's manual. You can do the warranty directly on the Pentair website or you can mail it in, the warranty will last 1 year.

We do offer a third-party warranty that is called Extend warranty. You can choose from 1-3 years. Here at ePoolSupply, we have teamed up with Extend to offer our customers peace of mind for purchasing items from our website! Most products displayed on our website will now offer an Extend plan to ensure that the items you purchase from our manufacturers will be covered no matter what!

Adding Extend is easy, when shopping, look for Extend at checkout to add a protection plan.

1. Add Extend while you shop. Simply add a protection plan at checkout when shopping for millions of eligible products.

2. File a claim in minutes. If you have an issue with your product, easily file a claim in just a few clicks.

3. Enjoy your product!

When your claim is approved, get a quick repair or replacement. Please contact us with any questions or concerns as we are happy to help!

In the end, this light is a great choice for your pool. With its custom reflector and innovative lens design, the IntelliBrite 5G light is one of the most efficient underwater lights available. If you have any questions about this light please contact us and we will help you to the best of our ability.


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