Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pool and Spa Pump Updated - What's In the Box

Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters! In today's blog, I would like to go over our brand-new YouTube video. In this video, our pool professional show you everything that comes included in the box when purchasing the Pentair IntelliFlo VSF Horsepower Variable Speed Pool Pump (011056). This particular pump is part of Pentair's "Trade Grade" series which unfortunately means it cannot be sold through online services. It can, however, be purchased at a retail store which we do offer here locally (Phoenix, AZ) at our store. Included in the box is the pump of course, but they also include the 2-way communication cable used to hook up to an automation system (If you have one) and the handy dandy instruction/safety tip manual for the owner. The purchase does not include the unions needed for plumbing purposes like the Pentair SuperFlo, but we also sell them here at our store. I have attached the video below if you would like to watch the video and skip the reading. If you want to learn more about this pump and the warranty that comes with it then keep on reading!

About The Pump

IntelliFlo VSF pump is the first variable speed and flow pump that adjusts to changes in flow conditions to maintain its preprogrammed flow rate to run optimally throughout the entire filtration cycle. It's like having cruise control for your pump.

This pump features:

  • Eight programmable speed or flow settings and a built-in timer
  • Rotatable keypad with optional wall mount kit (sold separately)
  • Top-mounted field wiring compartment is easier to access and connect
  • Totally enclosed fan-cooled design for increased performance and long life
  • Menus are easier than ever to use
  • Consistently maintains system flow requirements
  • Compatible with Pentair Automation

What's In The Box?

When you open the box, what comes in there is the pump, cable, and paperwork. Now what is great about this pump is no matter how it is installed, you can remove the four bolts on the corners of the screen and rotate it however you need to have it face you. In the newer style pumps, they do not come with a screen so everything can be done wirelessly through your phone. On the pump, you will see a big red tag and this is letting you know that they ran it through all of the testing requirements. This means you may or may not receive a pump with some water in it because they get water tested directly from the manufacturer The automation cable isn't necessarily needed for the newer style pumps. They have a proprietary plug on the side that you would use the cable for so that's why one end of the cable is a specific plug to plug in and the other side is just wires that you would plug into your automation side. The last thing is the paperwork and that includes the owner's manual and the warranty. You can do the warranty directly on the Pentair website or you can mail it in.


If you buy this pump online then you will only get the 60-day warranty. However, if you come and pick this pump up, then it means you will qualify for the traditional 2-year warranty. We do offer a third-party warranty that is called extend warranty. Here at ePoolSupply we have teamed up with Extend to offer our customers peace of mind for purchasing items from our website! Most products displayed on our website will now offer an Extend plan to ensure that the items you purchase from our manufacturers will be covered no matter what! 

Adding Extend is easy, when shopping, look for Extend at checkout to add a protection plan.

1. Add Extend while you shop. Simply add a protection plan at checkout when shopping for millions of eligible products.

2. File a claim in minutes. If you have an issue with your product, easily file a claim in just a few clicks.

3. Enjoy your product!

When your claim is approved, get a quick repair or replacement. Please contact us with any questions or concerns as we are happy to help!

In conclusion, this pump is great and you should get it while it last. Remember this pump has been discontinued by the manufacturer, please click here to view the IntelliFlo3. If you are unsure if we have these still in stock or want to learn more about the new pumps, please contact us.

Check out our brand-new YouTube video!

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