Pentair IntelliSync - What's in the Box

Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters! In this blog, I would like to review what comes in the box for Pentair’s IntelliSync (EC-523404). I will go over what the IntelliSync is, what comes in the box, and below I will attach our YouTube video that shows you what comes in the box. If you want to learn more about this product then keep on reading!


About The IntelliSync

With your smart device, the IntelliSync Pump Control and Monitoring System lets you control Pentair pool pumps such as the IntelliFlo and SuperFlo Variable Speed Pumps. With the convenience of the Pentair Home app, this pool pump controller enables you to adjust your pump, plus get monitoring alerts on select models. Please note IntelliSync Control and Monitoring System supports pump speeds (RPM), not pump flows (GPM). For IntelliFlo VSF pumps, pump speeds are supported.


  • Affordable pool automation: a smart investment in easy control and savings.
  • 24/7 pump control and monitoring via the Pentair Home App.
  • Receive maintenance alerts.
  • Easy installation: plugs into a 120-volt outlet.
  • Freeze protection safeguards your pump in cold weather.
  • Vertical or Horizontal mounting

What Comes In The Box

When you open the box, you will see the IntelliSync and it comes with a power transformer. What makes the power transformer unique is it plugs into an outlet and the other end will plug into the IntelliSync. The transformer is also waterproof which is great since it will be outside. It is best if you mount the transformer next to the IntelliSync controller that way it is always in one spot. In the box, it will also come with an instruction manual which you should read through and keep just in case anything happens. You will also see it comes with two temperature sensors and this will be the whole kit (520872). One thing that does not come included is the communication cables. So if you have the IntelliFlo, the pump should have come with an automation communication cable (350122). The six-wire communication cable (353129Z) for the SuperFlo is also not included.

IntelliSync Control and Monitoring System support the following pool and spa pumps:

In conclusion, IntelliSync help gets you ahead of maintenance issues with 24/7 equipment monitoring and cold weather freeze alerts that directly go to your smart device. If you choose, alerts can also be sent to your trusted pool service professionals. IntelliSync will also help you save money by reducing your household energy costs by varying your pump speed remotely on your smart device.

Here is the Youtube video going over what comes in the box. In this video, we walk you through all the items that come inside the box of all Pentair IntelliSync. These items allow homeowners the chance to hook up to automation on their pool pump with very little work. Make sure to check out the whole video to get some good tips and tricks on hooking this up to your equipment.

If you are curious about how to install the IntelliSync I have also attached the video we created for that as well. In this video, we walk you through an overview of the IntelliSync which is designed and manufactured by Pentair Pool and Spa Equipment and Solutions. We show you how it functions and how to properly install it onto your equipment along with any helpful tips and tricks that will prove to be useful.


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