What's In The Box - Pentair Superflo Variable Speed Pool Pump.

Welcome fellow ePoolSupply supporters! In today's blog, I will be going over what comes in the box for Pentair Superflo variable speed pump (EC-342001). I will also go over some features of the pump and I will also add our YouTube video that shows you what comes in the box. If you want to learn more about this product then keep on reading!


About The Pump

The Energy Star Certified Pentair SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pump brings the remarkable energy and cost savings of variable speed technology to standard pools at an affordable price. The Superflo VS reduces energy costs by up to 80%. SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pumps have an easy-to-read graphical display and a built-in timer so these pool pumps are easy to install and easy to use. The Pentair SuperFlo VS will seamlessly replace all existing SuperFlo single-speed and variable-speed pumps without any plumbing required. Just simply unscrew the existing unions and then simply just re-install. If you have an existing SuperFlo Pool Pump, the only tools you will need are 1 - flat head screwdriver and 1 - Philips screwdriver.


Variable speed technology costs significantly less to operate
Ideal for standard pools requiring up to a 2.2 hp pump(uprated).
110/230V and 50/60 Hz capability - with automatic recognition
Real-time clock with 24-hour memory retention
Simple, yet intuitive, the user interface is easy to program and operate
Easy to access electrical connections for simple installation
Three operating speed settings plus override capability
SuperFlo Pump by Pentair Aquatic Systems is a direct replacement for the Hayward® Super Pump®
WEF(Software Rev) 9.0
THP(Total Horsepower) 2.2
This product qualifies for the Pentair eCommerce Warranty
Energy Star Certified

What Comes In The Box

The first thing you will see is a cardboard protection which you can easily remove by pulling it right out. If you buy it from us you might see some extra paper surrounding the pump because we like to add extra protection so it shouldn't break on the transit to you. Once you remove all the protection you will see everything that comes included. The first thing will be a package that includes two pre-done unions (351157). The next thing you will see is the paperwork, which includes the manual, safety tips, and the warranty card. Doing your warranty is extremely important, you can either do it all online or you can mail it to them. The last thing in the box will be the pump itself. Before doing the installation it is important to thoroughly check everything and make sure nothing is broken. You might find some water in the pump which is normal because Pentair does quality control by water testing their pumps before shipping them out.

In conclusion, this is a really good quality pump and we recommend this if you're going to switch from a single-speed to a variable-speed pump. The ultra-quiet totally enclosed fan-cooled motor barely makes a whisper and virtually eliminates unpleasant, high-pitched noise. They reduce energy costs by up to 80%. SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pumps have an easy-to-read graphical display and a built-in timer so the pumps are easy to install and easy to use.

Check out our YouTube video going over what's in the box. In this video, we go through everything that is included in the box when purchasing the Pentair SuperFlo Variable Speed Pool Pump. The box contains all the items needed for the purpose of installation, one of which is the two unions used to connect the pump to your pool's plumbing. Also included is the owner's manual as well as the warranty information that is provided by Pentair.

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