Pentair Rebel Cleaner Installation Guide

If you are a homeowner who is exploring their options when it comes to pool cleaners, the Pentair Rebel suction cleaner (360473) is a fantastic choice to consider. As a compact, two-wheel model, the Pentair Rebel has the ability to fit into places many other cleaners miss, meaning your pool is free of dirt and debris more than ever before.  

How to Install Your Pentair Rebel Cleaner

Prep Your Pool

Before you start setting up your new pool cleaner, you must prepare your pool so your cleaner works to the best of its ability from the beginning. To start, ensure that your pool water is chemically balanced. Once that is done, brush your pool walls thoroughly and allow all debris to settle at the bottom of your pool. Hand vacuum your pool next, and then proceed to clean your filter and pump strainer basket. After those tasks have been completed, you are ready to open up your new Rebel cleaner! 

Check Your Components 

Your cleaner will not function if all of the required parts are not present. Open up the box of your new Pentair Rebel cleaner and ensure all the parts that are supposed to be present are indeed accounted for. You can find the list of parts that are supposed to be included in your user’s manual or on our website

Assembling Your Cleaner

Assemble the Hose

The first thing you want to do is wet the ends of the hose (K01213), then twist and push the female end into the male end. From there you will connect the leader hose (GW7911) to the cleaner swivel - you will know which is the leader hose because it is shorter and has a red sticker. Be certain to install the hose float (360300) on the second length of the hose (approximately 25 inches above the cleaner). Ensure that all the connections are snug. Keep in mind that the length of the hose you require is equal to the distance from the point at which you attach the hose to the suction port to the furthest point in the pool plus one hose length and the leader hose. This will guarantee your cleaner can reach all surfaces in your pool. 

The Basics

Once you have assembled your hose, head over to your pool equipment and turn off the pool pump. You will also want to close the main drain and all suction lines except for the line from the skimmer to which the cleaner will be attached. Be certain you also remove your skimmer basket! 

Putting Your Pump Together

You are now ready to thread the compression adapter (K12079) to the vacuum connection at the bottom of the skimmer. Once that is done, press the regulator valve (41200-0213) into the compression adapter. Note: the valve adjustment knob should be facing up. 

Dive In!

You are now ready to put your new cleaner into the pool! When doing so, be certain you turn the cleaner upside down and side to side to guarantee all air has been released. From there, allow the cleaner to sink to the floor of the pool. Feed the hose down into the pool so it is completely filled with water. Be careful! If air is permitted to be pulled into the plumbing, it may cause the pump to lose its prime. After this has been accomplished, slide the hose protector (K12465onto the hose to prevent the hose from rubbing on the skimmer wall, then insert the end of the hose through the skimmer opening and connect the hose directly to the regulator valve. 

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