Pentair ScreenLogic2 Interface!

What’s up ePoolSupply supporters! Back here again with you all to go over an awesome product out there on the market made by one of the industry leaders and our beloved friends at Pentair. This product specifically relates to automation and allows you to control your pool system virtually hands-free from your phone or other types of smart devices.

How Does the Screen Logic Work?

ScreenLogic2’s unique capabilities enable users to easily monitor and control multiple pools or spa functions using one interface. Manage water temperature, lighting, fountains, waterfalls, and other pool features whenever and wherever you choose. You can also easily access the operating history of your pool and spa or request specific information, such as the pH or ORP level.

What Devices Does This Interface Work With?

This device works hand in hand with the IntelliTouch and EasyTouch control panels you may or may not already have installed on your equipment. These systems allow you to hook up your pool and or spa lights, pool pumps, IntelliValve actuators, salt cells, water features, and even heaters so you can access and control them through one central panel. Now what the screen logic II interface was designed to be used for is to allow you to control the key functions of a pool or spa using the IntelliTouch and EasyTouch control systems, through controllers such as an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch mobile digital device, and Mac computers. You can also monitor and control your pool and spa from an Apple Watch wristwatch, have Alexa? You can activate your spa or water feature circuits or have it tell you the status of your pool with a simple voice command from your Amazon Echo devices. Do you have an IntelliChem system? Easily Track and monitor the history of pH and ORP levels while using the IntelliChem Water Chemistry Controller with the IntelliTouch or EasyTouch automation systems. The ScreenLogic 2 app also allows you to access full-color lighting control for both the MagicStream Laminars as well as the ItelliBrite LED pool, spa, and landscape lights.

Where Can I Purchase this Product?

These products are only available Through Pentair authorized dealers which means you cannot purchase them from Pentair directly. Good thing you have us! Pentair offers this device in both a “Trade Grade” series as well as an e-commerce model and we just so happen to carry both. The differences between both devices are pricing as well as warranties that are offered through Pentair. The “Trade Grade” series (part number 522104) can only be purchased locally in your area and must be installed by an industry professional to qualify for the 2-year parts and labor warranty. If you purchase this product online or self-install it, you will only qualify for a 60-day warranty. As far as the eCommerce model goes (part number EC-522104) same principles but only a 1-year parts warranty is offered when professionally installed but it can be shipped anywhere in the nation or across the world.

Overall, this is an amazing feature to add to either a new pool builds or an already existing pool that may be looking for an upgrade or remodel. The ScreenLogic2 interface lets you manage your pool or spa in just about any way you want, from almost anywhere. From laptops to tablets to phones, there is an automation solution that fits your lifestyle. We hope you found the information in this blog to be useful while providing some clarity as it relates to this product. If not, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly with any questions or concerns you may have as they relate to this matter. Our team of industry professionals is always happy to help you out. From all of us here at ePoolSupply thank you for reading along and keep on swimming!

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