Pool Heater Operating Temperatures - What to look for!

Pool Heater Operating Temperatures

What's up ePoolSupply community! Welcome to another Troubleshoot Tuesday! Today we'll cover some issues that may not be issued after all. We are going to dive into some great tips for your pool heaters! This will work across all heaters in the market including some of the newer "Heat Pump" style heaters. So stay tuned and we will do our best to guide you with the information below. 

It’s that time of year again where it’s going to start getting colder, the leaves are starting to fall along with the snow and unavertable wind. That means colder water temperatures and hopefully proper functioning pool heaters. It’s a common misconception that the pool heater is broken, isn’t strong enough, or isn’t getting enough combustion or fuel. We are happy to tell you 9 times out of 10 your heater is working perfectly and the air and water temperatures are simply too cold. As surprising as it may seem, there is a limit to how well these pool heaters can perform in colder weather conditions. Most temperatures' below 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit can be too much for the heater. Under optimal conditions, a heater may raise the temperature by 20-30 degrees at most. Some heaters can handle down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit but they aren’t common and are very expensive so we won’t be covering those today.

What To Expect and How To Manage It?

Going forward, not only will the heater not work as well, it will require more fuel than normal or more power if that is what's required for the heat conversion. Keep in mind that means less efficiency and more expense as well as factor in the fact your heater is working harder and longer than it should be and it isn’t hard to see where this is going. Another often overlooked aspect is time. You may have a heater that is working fine, under ideal conditions and temperatures. It simply may require more time than has been allowed for the heating elements to properly heat the pool. This can be due to poor circulation of the pool water or if you have gas running in the ground, colder temperatures slow the movement and speed of gas as well. Another very important aspect to keep in mind is residual temperature. As soon as there isn’t a heating element applied to the water, it will begin to cool down again. Sometimes we can bank on the fact a warm day is coming to warm the water a little more to allow the heater to keep that warmed water at the desired temperature, but we all know that isn’t always the case. You shouldn’t run a heater 24/7 for several reasons. Cost and wear to name a few. At the end of the day, we take this notion from mother nature as a sign to close down for the season and begin any winterization steps that may be needed for the pool and its equipment.

Below are some great heater options provided Pentair. Check out the information for each one!

Standard MasterTemp 400 BTU Natural Gas Heater (460736):

Save money and energy with the MasterTemp High-Performance Heater. Already known as being dependable and efficient, MasterTemp now offers smart features and an optional energy-saving automatic bypass to help you ensure your pool is ready whenever you are.

  • Smart connectivity via the Pentair IntelliCenter
  • Control System enables management of pool functions from across the yard or around the globe.
  • Full-text digital display combines new functions and a user-friendly menu for easy operation and diagnostics.
  • Digital connectivity with your pool’s automation system and an advanced ignition control module with flame strength sensor help to ensure optimal heater performance.
  • Alerts pushed to a smart device to keep you updated on heater performance and real-time status.
  • Optional Smart Heater Bypass valve control diverts water flow when the heater isn’t needed to help save up to 35% in yearly operational costs.*

Cupro-Nickel MasterTemp 400 BTU Natural Gas Heater (460805):

Standard copper heat exchanger 84% efficient. Heavy-duty (HD) cupro-nickel heat exchanger 82% efficient.

*Savings amount based on lab testing conducted using MasterTemp 400® heater in conjunction with IntelliFlo® VSF Pump and Bypass Kit, which includes IntelliValve controlled by heater. Test Conditions: Pump flow rate: 50gpm. Pump run time: 3000 hours/yr. Heater run time: 100 hours/yr. Electrical Cost: $0.21 per kWh. System TDH: Heater and Bypass Kit added to Standardized “Curve C” System Curve performance data as per California Energy Commission Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Regulations. Test conditions assume pump flow rate of 50gpm and Constant Flow operation utilizing a lower motor RPM when flow is bypassing the heater due to lower system TDH. Actual performance and any subsequent energy consumption/savings are dependent upon various characteristics of the plumbing system, including but not limited to, pipe size, pipe lengths, filter type, fittings, system design, equipment run time/settings and more.

MasterTemp ETI High-Efficiency Heater (461113):

The ETi 400 pool and spa heater brings you Titan Tough Direct-Fire Titanium, the toughest ASME certified construction heat exchanger ever built. At 96% thermal efficiency, the ETi 400 heater has the highest efficiency ever built in its class. All this in a heater that operates with ultra-quiet noise level and out performs energy emissions standards.

  • Titan Tough Direct-Fire Titanium ASME certified heat exchanger
  • Certified for Ultra Low NOx Emissions
  • Best-in-Class Energy Efficiency for fast heat up times and energy savings
  • 4” PVC or CPVC vent up to 120 ft. and 6” vent up to 300 ft. long
  • Indoor and Outdoor rating
  • Ultra-Quiet operation
  • Convenient 180 degrees rotating controls panel for left or right plumbing orientation
  • Convenient front and rear gas connection capability
  • Natural and Propane gas

If you have any questions regarding the sections above, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly! Our team of industry professionals is here to help you out!


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