Fact Friday: How to Properly Add Party Pool Dye!

How to Add Pool Dye With Party Pool

Welcome to another Fact Friday at ePoolSupply! Each week we like to discuss helpful tips and tricks regarding the pool industry. Today we will be talking about adding Party Pool Dye to your pool and the best, safest practices associated with it. Owning a pool can be quite a confusing adventure but it helps to have someone there by your side guiding you through each step of the process to dye your pool. Let's dive in!

How does Party Pool Work?

  • Gives a beautiful color to your pool!

  • A color additive water enhancer and clarifier for water features, pools, and ponds. With all three colors, you will be ready for any event from birthdays, to the fourth of July, to Halloween!
  • An easy and inexpensive way to add sparkling color to your pool, any time, in minutes and it lasts for days.
  • This summer amaze your host and bring Party Pool! to the party as a gift. Your pool will have a bright, sparkling color for 3-5 days and won't stain your clothing or pool. Simply mix the needed concentrate with two gallons of water and pour near the edge of the water, specifically by the return jets, and your water will be dyed between 30-60 minutes.
  • People safe and pool safe. It is non-toxic, non-caustic. One 8 oz. bottle will treat an average 20,000-gallon pool twice

What You'll Need to Add Party Pool:

  • Five-Gallon Bucket
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Party Pool Dye

How to Safely Add the Pool Dye:

  1. Rinse out a five-gallon Bucket
  2. Add two gallons of pool water to the bucket
  3. Calculate the amount of water in your pool
  4. Apply rubber gloves to prevent staining
  5. Shake the Party Pool Dye bottle to mix it efficiently 
  6. Use one ounce of Party Pool Dye per 5,000 gallons of water
  7. Add the required amount directly to the five gallon bucket
  8. Carefully swish the mixture around to mix thoroughly
  9. Slowly distribute the mixture around the perimeter of the pool, somewhere near the pool returns for the best dilution
  10. Once the bucket is empty, rinse it out again to ensure all the dye is used
  11. Wait thirty to sixty minutes for the dye to fully cover the pool
  12. Once the dye is fully diluted, you're safe to swim
  13. Avoid wearing white clothes as they may stain
  14. Run the pool normally to filter out the color (time may vary due to pump speed, filter size, etc.)

Follow along with the video below to watch Party Pool in action! If you have any questions about the information found in this blog, feel free to reach out to us directly. Our team of industry professionals is happy to help you out!



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