Fact Friday: 10 Swimming Pool Facts You Might Not Know

The time has come again for another wonderful Fact Friday from Poolinfloor.com. Today we will be discussing some interesting swimming pool facts. Let's dive in!

10 Swimming Pool Facts You Might Not Know

  • The first known pool in existence was built over 5,000 years ago in Pakistan. It is named "The Great Bath of Mohenjo-daro" and was made from tightly packed bricks, plastered with gypsum, and waterproofed with a tar membrane. 


  • Swimming Pools became popular in Britain around the mid-1800's. Stemming from recent drownings, several swimming clubs were established in local rivers to educate people on how to swim. 


  • Across the United States there are approximately 10.4 million residential pools and almost 310,000 public swimming pools. 


  • Pool Filtration using sand was first invented at Brown University in 1910 after having used the same method along with chlorine to filter & sanitize drinking water. 


  • Swimming is one of the most beneficial cardiovascular exercises, burning more calories per hour than Jogging or Bicycling. 


  • Swimming utilizes EVERY major muscle. 


  • Eye irritation when swimming is not caused by Chlorine, but rather by the contaminants in the water such as body oils, lotions, and skin flakes. 


  • Benjamin Franklin invented the prototype for the modern foot-attached swim fin. 


  • The RMS Olympic (sister ship to the Titanic) was the first ocean liner with a heated swimming pool. The pool was a measly ten foot by twenty foot and was only available to first class passengers. 


  • The Top 5 States with inground Swimming Pools are: California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, and (surprisingly) New York. 


Were you surprised by some of these facts? Have one to add? Let us know! Our team of professionals is available to help you with all your swimming pool needs. From all of us at Poolinfloor.com, have a wonderful New Year!


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