Whats Up Wednesday: Pool Valet Retro Options

Whats Up Wednesday: Pool Valet Retro Options

Hello again! Every Wednesday we like to inform our customers of the newest updates in the swimming pool industry. Whether it be a simple "who's who" or maybe even a recent update to equipment. This week we will be discussing each of the Pool Valet Cleaning Head adaptations offered by Paramount and A&A Manufacturing. Let's dive in!

Paramount Pool Valet (Discontinued)

The original Paramount Pool Valet Cleaning Heads featuring separate threaded retainer rings have been discontinued. The original heads were offered in four colors: White, Black, Gray, and Taupe. They were sold in a 1-Hole and 2-Hole model for Steps and Floors respectively. The 1-Hole Cleaning Heads used a 3/8" orifice for a smaller cleaning radius whereas the 2-Hole used a combination of a 3/8" along with a 1/4" hole to increase the cleaning pattern. The primitive weighted, free-floating design has since fallen to the newer spring-loaded, ratcheting cleaning heads.

Paramount Pool Valet Retro Kit

The Paramount Pool Valet Retro Kit is essentially a Paramount PV3 Cleaning Head with a Pool Valet Retro insignia on the nozzle cap. The kit also includes the proper floor collar which the Pool Valet Retro will lock into. THE PARAMOUNT POOL VALET RETRO WILL NOT FIT IN YOUR EXISTING POOL VALET FLOOR FITTINGS. The kit requires you to drain your pool completely, remove the original Pool Valet heads (if applicable), and glue the new floor fitting into your existing one. This is quite a lengthy process however, the end result provides you with a substantial pool makeover. The retro kits are available in eight colors: White, Gray, Lt. Gray, Beige, Taupe, Blue, Lt. Blue, and Black. Each kit comes with instructions on how to install the new floor fitting. Please follow the directions carefully.

A&A Pool Valet Retro

The A&A Pool Valet Retro is by far our favorite version of the Pool Valet. The design is simplistic while keeping performance at a maximum level. A&A has combined their Style 1 head with the same threads as the Pool Valet Threaded Retainer Ring to guarantee an easy transition. The upgrades are available in a Low Flow for Steps & Benches as well as a High Flow for Floor applications. A&A has improved upon Paramount's design by incorporating their signature ratcheting, rotating mechanism featuring 12 different cleaning positions for total 360 degree coverage as well as a durable spring to guarantee proper function. The Low Flow head uses a 1/4" orifice for an approximate cleaning radius of three-and-a-half feet. The High Flow head has a 7/16" orifice for an estimated cleaning radius of five-and-a-half feet. Paired with the Style 1 Installation/Removal Tool, the Pool Valet Retro Pop Up Heads thread in and out of the existing Pool Valet Collars easily. 


In conclusion, there are quite a few options when it comes to replacing your Paramount Pool Valet Cleaning Heads. Use this article as a guide to determine which option is the best for you. If you have any questions regarding your Paramount Pool Valet Cleaning Heads, please feel free to reach out to our wonderful team of pool professionals. We're happy to help!

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