Maintenance Monday: 9 Pool Supplies You Absolutely Must Have!

Don't Be Caught Dead in the Water Without These Must-Have Pool Tools!


It’s Maintenance Monday again here! Today we are going to discuss pool maintenance and the best tools to use when it comes to the upkeep of your pool. Owning a pool can be a wonderful experience, however, without the required maintenance it can turn into quite a costly endeavor. In this article we will break down the best tools to properly take care of your pool and extend the life for many summers to come. Let's dive in!



1. Testing Strips or Drop Test Kit

Weekly chemical tests are essential to maintaining pristine water clarity. Testing lets you know when adding chemicals is necessary, and also allows you to stay ahead of pesky algae blooms. 



2. Telescopic Pole

Having an extendable pool pole makes it easier to reach not only the bottom of the pool, but also the hard to reach corners and steps inside spas and waterfalls. 



3. Algae Brush

Along with weekly testing, you should also be brushing the walls and steps of your pool weekly. We recommend a stainless steel brush for Concrete & Gunite Pools, and a nylon brush for Vinyl Liner & Above Ground Pools. Both should come with butterfly clips so you can fasten them to your Pool Pole. 


4. Leaf Rake/Net

The Leaf Rake is one of the most underrated pool tools around. It works wonderfully for removing debris from the water surface and also from the pool floor. You can also use it to empty the skimmer, pump, and leaf catcher baskets.



5. Manual Vacuum

A hand vacuum can make cleaning your pool a breeze. We recommend a weighted vacuum with a wide cleaning path, flexible design, and sturdy metal handle. 


6. Pool Lubricant

Preventative maintenance is a key element to owning a pool. Most of your pool equipment features some sort of o-ring or gasket to keep them water-tight. Monthly you should be inspecting the pump lid, drain plugs, backwash valve (if applicable), as well as any easily accessible o-rings around the system to ensure that they are not dried out or cracked in any way. Some parts may require a professional to disassemble. 


7. Liquid Chlorine Shock

Whether you need to quickly shock your pool after an algae treatment, or simply boost your salt system when you're running low, Liquid Chlorine is a critical tool in your pool arsenal. You can easily add it to your pool without any premixing. 


8. Safety Gate

Most states require a child safety gate by law. The gate should be a minimum of four feet tall with the latch on the inside of the pool area. ALWAYS WATCH CHILDREN AROUND WATER!!


9. Chemical Storage

As previously discussed in other blogs, keeping your pool chemicals stored properly is a key factor in maintaining your pool. Chemicals that have been stored correctly last longer and perform better. We recommend a shaded, cool, and dry area away from pets and children. The area must also be well ventilated with multiple shelves for separating liquid and dry chemicals. 



With so many gimmicks out there, it can be confusing trying to figure out the best supplies for your swimming pool. By using this guide you should have a general idea of the best pool tools to keep on hand. Our recommendations are based off of our experience in the field and should only be taken as such. If you have any questions regarding the products found in this article, please feel free to contact us directly. Our team of Pool Professionals is happy to assist you via email or telephone. We look forward to hearing from you!



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