What's Up Wednesday: What is the Perfect Pool Temperature?

Hello again! Every Wednesday we like to inform our customers of the newest updates in the swimming pool industry. Whether it be a simple "who's who" or maybe even a recent update to equipment. This week we will be discussing the optimal temperature range at which your pool should reside. Let's dive in!

Many people rely on their swimming pool as a form of relief from many different ailments such as Low Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Health, Respiratory Health, Lower Back Pain, Mental Health, Arthritis, as well as increasing Life Expectancy. 

Senior citizens, for example, can utilize many different Water Exercises to help them without the risk of falling or putting too much stress on their joints. In some cases a colder pool could not only be uncomfortable, but also have adverse health effects. The same applies to younger children who may be fairly new to swimming or even learning. Warmer water allows the muscles to stay loose which reinforces better swimming habits and also prevents the body from the initial shock you would receive from a colder temperature. 

Statistically, the ideal temperature range falls somewhere between 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit (26-28 degrees Celsius). Anything higher and the water starts to feel unpleasant and becomes an even larger breeding ground for water-dwelling bacteria. Chlorine and other sanitizers will help combat these pests however, as the water temperature increases, those sanitizers start to diminish faster which requires more chemicals. For this reason, maintaining an optimal temperature range will help save you money on chemicals. 

In conclusion, maintaining your pool temperature is one of the best ways to stay cost-effective when it comes to your chemicals. Typically I prefer my pool more on the warmer side around 80 degrees Fahrenheit however, you may find that you prefer a colder environment. Take the information in this guide and use it to your advantage. If you have any questions relating your pool or pool equipment, we have a wonderful staff of Professionals here ready to help! Feel free to reach out to us directly at 602-274-7946 or shoot us an email at support@epoolsupply.com!

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