Fact Fridays: How to Identify Your Pool Pop-Up Heads

How to Identify Your Pop-Up Heads

It’s that time again, FACT FRIDAYS! We here at Poolinfloor.com like to make Fridays full of Facts! This Friday, July 19th, 2019, we want to hit you with the facts about how to identify your pop-ups! We at Poolinfloor.com pride ourselves on being able to help diagnose and suggest replacement pop up heads for your system. Our knowledgeable staff can depict from most images, the pop-up heads currently being used by your system. We can then direct you to which head you require as a replacement and any other heads that may work for your application. We have an entire section on the site dedicated to helping customers identify and understand the pop-ups they have for their specific system. Please check out the link at the end of this article to direct you to that portion of our website!

The first step in identifying your pop-up heads is to relate it to one of the images below. These are the most basic styles offered by the major pop-up head manufacturers. This will, at the very least, give you a starting pop in identifying your specific pop-ups. If you do not see one of your pop-ups from the list below, you will need to contact us for a more in-depth consultation.


A&A Style 1 Pop Up Head (2 Prong)


white-style-1.jpg style-1-side.png


A&A Style 2 Pop Up Head Standard (3 Prong)


style-2-white.jpg sii-head-82533.1447879786.1280.1280.png


A&A Style 2 Pop Up Head Gamma Replacement Standard (3 Prong)




A&A G2 (Style 2 Gamma Series) Venturi Edition (3 Prong)




A&A G3/G4 (Gamma 4) Standard with Interchangeable Nozzles (2 Prong) YEP! Gamma 3 and Gamma 4 are the same thing!

g4-.png g3-standard-up.jpg


A&A G4 (Gamma 4) Venturi Edition Pop Up Heads (2 Prong)

A&A G4 (Gamma 4) Venturi Edition 

Caretaker Bayonet Standard 



Caretaker Threaded 





Paramount PCC2000, Vanquish, and Vantage

Please note* All 3 of these styles are the same head wth different names on top of the head





Paramount Pool Valet





 Paramount PV3 and Cyclean

Please note* All 3 of these styles are the same head wth different names on top of the head





BlueSquare Q360





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