Maintenance Monday: Installation & Maintenance for Blue Square Q360 Valve

Maintaining & Repairing Your Bluesquare Q360 Valve

It’s Maintenance Monday again here at and today we are going to discuss how to replace and install a BlueSquare Q360 Valve for your pop-up system! These valves are unique to your specific cleaning systems and are incredibly easy to install and maintain! They each have roughly 3 replacement parts and they can all be swapped with very little work. Please keep reading for more! Also, be sure to check out our video at the end of this article for an easy to follow guide on the information covered in this article!

Take Care of Your BlueSquare Q360 Valve

Maintaining and replacing any parts in your BlueSquare Q360 Valve is a very simple process. To being, please make sure your system is off before removing any parts. You may cause damage to your system if you replace these items while the system is running.

The first step in maintaining and replacing any parts on your Q360 Valve is to remove the band clamp. Most of these clamps are installed with a tool and will require a socket set to remove the nut. Once the nut is removed, simply pull your band clamp off and remove the lid to your Q360 Valve.

The first part you will see in your valve is the turbine assembly (01130399). All the internal parts in this valve simply slide up and off the center shaft for replacing and maintaining. The part right below the turbine assembly (01130399) is the cassette gear assembly (01130300). This is the last part at the bottom of your valve which moves the ports on your pop-up system. Each of the parts above are sold separately and can be replaced very easily by any homeowner! No need to send someone out to your house for this job!

The last piece to be aware of in your Q360 valve is the lid and O-ring. These items can be purchased separately, or together, but do need to be maintained and replaced as your valve ages. You can find the O-ring using part number: 01130799. The lid is sometimes replaced at the same time to ensure a proper seal. You can find the lid using part number: 01130499.

Some cases require an entirely new base for your Q360 valve. You can purchase a new base with part number: 01130199. This will only need to be done if you have a crack in your housing or if the teeth in the base are worn down and the cassette is unable to turn. If everything is worn in your system and you would like to replace it with an entirely new valve you can always purchase a complete using part number: 01130100. This can be done for new builds or for full replacements.

In conclusion, the Q360 valve is one of the best valves on the market. It is very simple to install and maintain. Please email or call us at the link below with any other questions or concerns.

Thank you for reading!

Please see the video below on how to install all the units discussed. 


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