Maintenance Mondays: Products to Keep Your Pool Pristine

Clean Your Pool Properly

It’s Maintenance Mondays again here at and today we have some great products and tips to help keep your pool in pristine condition! Check out these products below along with some simple to follow instructions on how to keep your pool in the best condition! Each one of the chemicals discussed below has its own specific use and works very well when used correctly. 

**Please make sure to read all instructions before use.**


Skill-it Algaecide (SK132)

The first chemical we would like to suggest for keeping your pool in pristine condition is Bio-Dex’s own Skill-It Algaecide. Skill-it eliminates most resistant colors and types of algae. It does not stain and is non-metallic. It’s very user-friendly and doesn’t require adjustment to the water pH before applying. Skill-it can be reapplied if the initial application doesn’t eliminate the algae problem. Skill-it Algaecide can be added by itself directly to the pool water or water circulation equipment to eliminate algae. This item comes in a Quart bottle (32 Ounces). Please make sure to read all instructions for the item before usage. Be aware that if you apply too much of this product your pool will become very “foamy”. After treatment you need to allow the filter to run for at least 6 hours after adding. During this period, swimmers must not be allowed into the water.

Clearex 500 (CX500)

The second item we would like to suggest for keeping your pool in pristine condition is Bio-Dex’s Clearex 500 for sparkling clear water! If you pool water is cloudy and looking dull, then the Clearex 500 is the product for you! Just two ounces treats 14,000 gallons of water! It is especially effective after algae treatments, dust storms or other times the water gets cloudy or loses is sparkle. It’s user-friendly, safe and will not clog the filter. Clearex 500 is a professional strength product that is suitable for home use. It’s safe and is hypoallergenic, non-carcinogenic, non-corrosive and non-flammable. It won’t clog your pool or spa’s filter and works effectively with all pool filtration systems. Clearex 500 is free of petroleum and is not an oil-based product. You can get clear and sparkling water safely and quickly with this product. 1 quart treats 224,000 gallons (16 Treatments per bottle!). Natural and safe, this product can be used daily, weekly or as needed. One application will clear most cloudy water within four hours. A second treatment may be necessary for highly impure water. Bio-Dex’s Clearex 500 can be paired with Oil-Out (OO132) for a strong water-cleaning combination.

Phosphate Remover Plus+ (PHOS+32)

The third and final item that we would like to talk about today is Bio-Dex’s Phosphate Remover Plus. It removes phosphates immediately which will prevent problems associated with high phosphates such as discolored water. Phosphate Remover Plus works with all sanitizing systems, water chemistry and filter media. It will not adversely affect the chlorine levels in your pool, and it allows swimmers to go into the water right after you use the product. Phosphate Remover Plus will help you maintain a phosphate-free pool throughout the year, which is one less thing to worry about when it comes to pool maintenance. You can feel confident using Phosphate Remover Plus because it is non-toxic and non-hazardous, so it won’t affect swimmers. Once treated, phosphates are eliminated and will not come back. Phosphate Remover Plus is not a flocculant but works with filtration. For best results: Treat existing algae with an algaecide and sanitizer first. To use this item, you simply: Apply the product around the perimeter of the pool while the filter is running. Following dosage on the label. Do not backwash or clean during this period. Add one and half ounces of Clearex 500 per 10,000 gallons of water to help keep water clear during treatment. (Applying smaller amounts of Phosphate Remover Plus over a period of days will help reduce clouding). Apply a maintenance dose weekly or monthly. Test your pool water regularly and keep the water balanced.

Thank you so much for reading our Maintenance Monday post and we look forward to doing business in the future! As always, thank you for choosing!

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