What's Up Wednesday: A&A Pool Valet Retro Pop Up Heads

What's Up Wednesday: A&A Pool Valet Retro Pop Up Heads

Hello again! Every Wednesday here at Poolinfloor.com we like to inform our customers of the newest updates in the swimming pool industry. Whether it be a simple "who's who" or maybe even a recent update to equipment. This week we will be discussing the A&A Pool Valet Retro Replacement Pop Up Heads

The original Paramount Pool Valet Cleaning Heads have been discontinued. Paramount has decided to make these available only for warranty purposes due to the sheer age of the parts themselves. Not many people are eager to install 30 year old technology in their brand new pool build. The original heads were offered in four colors: White, Black, Gray, and Taupe. They were sold in a 1-Hole and 2-Hole model for Steps and Floors respectively. Each cleaning head features four holes on the exterior however, there will only be one or two of the holes drilled out which then determines whether they are 1-Hole or 2-Hole. The 1-Hole Cleaning Heads used a 3/8" orifice for a smaller cleaning radius whereas the 2-Hole used a combination of a 3/8" along with a 1/4" hole to increase the cleaning pattern. The heads themselves were revolutionary for their time but have since fallen into the obsolete category due to their free-floating, non-ratcheting design. Luckily A&A Manufacturing has blown the old technology out of the water with their updated Pool Valet Retro Pop Up Heads. 

These newly designed cleaning heads slightly resemble the A&A Style 1 but with a twist; literally! A&A has combined the Style 1 head with the same threads as the Pool Valet Threaded Retainer Ring to guarantee a seamless transition. The upgrades are available in a Low Flow for Steps & Benches as well as a High Flow for Floor applications. A&A has improved upon Paramount's design by incorporating their signature ratcheting, rotating mechanism featuring 12 different cleaning positions for total 360 degree coverage as well as a durable spring to guarantee proper function.  The Low Flow head uses a 1/4" orifice for an approximate cleaning radius of three-and-a-half feet. The High Flow head has a 7/16" orifice for an estimated cleaning radius of five-and-a-half feet. Paired with the Style 1 Installation/Removal Tool, the Pool Valet Retro Pop Up Heads thread in and out of the existing Pool Valet Collars easily. 

If you currently have the Paramount Pool Valet cleaning heads, look no further than Poolinfloor.com for the best deals on the A&A Pool Valet Retro Pop Up Heads. We guarantee you'll be more than happy, and your pool will thank you! Our team is ready to tackle any questions you might have about your Pool Valet Cleaning System. Feel free to contact us directly and we'll be happy to assist you! Click below!

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