What's Up Wednesday: How do Infloor Pool Cleaning Systems Work?

How do Infloor Pool Cleaning Systems Work?

Hello again! Every Wednesday here at Poolinfloor.com we like to inform our customers of the newest updates in the swimming pool industry. Whether it be a simple "who's who" or maybe even a recent update to equipment. This week we will be discussing Infloor Pool Cleaning Systems and exactly how they operate. 


There are many different versions of infloor cleaning systems out there however, the principal operation for each manufacturer is roughly the same. As with any pool, the water is circulated through a system of suction lines, run through a filter, and returned back into the pool through various pool jets and water features. This is where the infloor system comes in. Once the water has been filtered, it is driven through an actuator which disperses the water at high pressure to a designated "zone" of three to five cleaning heads. These heads "pop up" from the pool floor and spray dirt & debris towards the main suction drain. 


Each system has a set number of "zones" that the water cycles through. As the water passes through the actuator, it turns a series of gears that allows the high pressure water to escape through one zone at a time. The more common valves use 5 or 6 zones however, there are systems that use 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, or 12 zones as well. Once the zone of heads is activated, the heads stay popped up for approximately thirty seconds up to a full minute (depending on the system). Once they retract into the pool floor, the heads rotate slightly to make sure they face a new direction the next time they are activated.


As you can see from the picture above, the in-floor cleaning system is the most effective way to keep your pool clean and circulating efficiently. You'll save money on chemical and heating costs, and you'll also save time by not having to hand vacuum your pool as often. Please feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions you might have about your In-floor Pool Cleaning System. We're happy to help! 

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