What's In The Box - Hayward DV5000 Suction Side Cleaner

Welcome back fellow ePoolSupply supporters! In today's blog, I would like to go over what comes in the box for Haywards DV5000 (W3DV5000) suction side pool cleaner. I will be going over some key features of this cleaner as well. I will also be attaching a YouTube video our pool professional has created to show you what is in the box. If you want to learn more or are interested in this cleaner then keep on reading!
About the Cleaner

The DV5000 (W3DV5000) is an automatic suction pool cleaner that can vacuum up dirt and debris in a single pass. It propels itself quietly and efficiently through the pool water cleaning up dirt, twigs, and other various forms of debris. Regardless of the pool's shape, size, or surface the DV5000 affords users a more energy-efficient and random cleaning pattern.

  • Cleans the walls and floor of the pool automatically
  • Dirt is vacuumed from 3 intake ports
  • One moving part ensures years of dependability
  • Easy navigation out of tight corners is obtained with the help of the swivel foot pad
  • In less than 10 minutes it can be connected to the skimmer or suction port, tools are not required
  • 40 feet of hose is included to cover pools up to 16’x32’
  • Does not require a booster pump

What Comes In The Box

Once you open the box, the first thing you will see is your deflector wheel (DCX110). This does not come already pre-installed but we do have a wonderful YouTube video that shows you how to install this. This deflector wheel is meant to keep the cleaner from getting stuck in any corners. Now you will see the whole DV5000 cleaner body. If you look in the box, you will also see an accessory package. First thing in that package you will see the owner's manual and this will walk you through what you need to do to get your pool cleaner started. The next thing in the bag is the universal valve cuff and this is what will plug directly into your skimmer. Next in the bag will be the regulator valve (DCX180). The last thing in the accessory bag is a single hose weight (DCX174) and two eyeball diverters. Under the hoses, you will see the disk (DCX152SV) and this also does not come already pre-installed. The reason they don't want this installed until you are going to use it is that it is meant to lay flat and if it gets bent it will not work properly. We have made a YouTube video of our pool professional showing you how to install the disc on your cleaner. The next thing you will see on the side is sixteen hoses for the cleaner. These hoses are metallic in color and are smaller than normal hoses.

In this video, we walk you through all the items that come included in the box when purchasing the Hayward DV5000 Suction Side in Ground Pool Cleaner. Here at ePoolSupply, this is one of our favorite designs. The functionality of this cleaner is remarkably similar to its counterpart, the AquaRay, and the KingRay. Hayward offers a variety of cleaners for purchase but this one is one of the best functioning cleaners they offer! Please check out the collection page we have created for more information and parts for your cleaner!


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