What's In The Box - Polaris Vac-Sweep 65

Hello there fellow ePoolSupply supporters! In today's blog, I will be talking about what comes in the box for the Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 pressure side cleaner (6-130-00). I will also be going over some key features of the cleaner. Down below I have attached a YouTube video our pool professional has made to show you what comes in the box. 

About The Cleaner 

Considered by Polaris, the Vac-Sweep 65 (6-130-00) is their best above-ground automatic pool cleaner. It can be installed in just minutes and is compatible with all aboveground pools up to 5 feet deep. This cleaner can loosen up dirt and debris in hard-to-reach places and traps large debris like pebbles and leaves in its own filter bag. This cleaner is going to run off of your return lines. 

  • Installs in just minutes
  • Operates with filtration systems and pumps associated with an aboveground pool
  • Sweeps and vacuums the bottom surface and sides in about three hours or less
  • The jet sweep assembly blows water against the walls to loosen debris in those hard-to-reach areas
  • The filter bag is easy to use and maintain - removes debris before it reaches the filter and skimmer leaving them free to eliminate other contaminates while also prolonging the life of the filtration system

What Comes In The Box 

When you first open the box you will see the cleaner in the middle and the hoses surrounding it. The first main thing you will notice is the cleaner and you can pull that right out of the box. Inside the cleaner, it has a turbine assembly that uses the pressure from your return side to force water up from the basket. That will keep the cleaner moving and propel across the surface of the pool so it is not meant to go under the water just float on top. On the bottom of the cleaner, it has wheels and this will help the cleaner not get stuck in the corners, it will rotate the cleaner in another direction. In the box underneath the cleaner, you will see a bag with the warranty paperwork and this is a three-year warranty on the cleaner and a one-year warranty on the parts. Also in the bag with the warranty, you will see a fine-tuning guide. In the center, there is a cardboard piece that you can take right out. The first thing you will see after you take the cardboard cutout out is the tail assembly. The tail assembly is what holds the bag and the bag is already pre-installed on the tail assembly and this bag can hold a large amount of debris. The last thing left in the cleaner box is the hoses. 

In this video, we walk you through all the items that come included when purchasing the Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 pressure-side above-ground pool cleaner. Here at ePoolSupply, this is one of our favorite designs. The functionality of this cleaner is very similar to its counterparts like the Vac-Sweep 165 and Turbo Turtle. Polaris offers a variety of cleaners for purchase but this one is one of the best simple-functioning pressure cleaners they offer! 


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