What's In The Box - Pentair Kreepy Krauly Platinum (Grey)

Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters and followers! I will be going over what comes in the box for the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Platinum pressure side cleaner. This will be the gray version of the cleaner. I will also give a brief description and a picture so you know exactly which one I am going over. At the very bottom, there will be a YouTube video our pool professional has made to show you exactly what comes in the box and he will give you some tips and tricks to help you. 

About The Cleaner 

The newly redesigned Kreepy Krauly Platinum automatic pool cleaner (LL505PMG) offers four times greater cleaning coverage and is designed to handle tougher cleaning challenges. The Kreepy Krauly Platinum is the leading choice for pools in yards with lush landscaping, large leaves, and debris. This moves randomly throughout the pool, vacuuming and sweeping the bottom. The Kreepy Krauly Platinum comes equipped with a wall fitting featuring a twist lock automatic pressure relief valve. If the cleaner receives too much water pressure, the relief valve automatically reduces the water pressure. The cleaner goes into backup mode about every three minutes and 30 seconds, allowing the backup valve to pull the Kreepy Krauly Platinum out of any problem areas. The gentle sweeping motion of the sweep hose prevents debris from becoming trapped in hard-to-reach corners of the pool. 

What’s In The Box

When you first open the box you will notice there is cardboard wrapping around the cleaner and the hose wraps around the cardboard. You should be able to take the whole thing out at once. The hose (LL209PMG) that is wrapped around the cleaner is one of the key components in how these model cleaners get their power and operate. Now you can take the cardboard off the cleaner. The cleaner will come assembled all you would need to hook up is the bag and the hose. On the cleaner, you will find the sweep hose (LLB5G) connected, this was built to run off the back of the cleaner and shoot high-pressure water that agitates the dirt and debris off the surface of your pool. On the sweep hose, the scrubber (370017) will also be connected. Another item connected to the cleaner is the ballast float (LLA20G). This part is designed to provide balance to the cleaner which ensures that the cleaner can perform its tasks. One thing that does not come installed on the cleaner and you will have to do it is putting the bag on. If you do not like the bag they have provided, it does come in different varieties you can buy separately. Another thing you will find in the box is the user’s manual and the warranty card. It is very important you fill out the warranty card so if anything happens to the cleaner you can get a new one from the manufacturer. 

In this video, we walk you through all the items that come included when purchasing the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Platinum (Grey) Pressure Side Inground Pool Cleaner. Here at ePoolSupply, this is one of our favorite designs. The functionality of this cleaner is very similar to its counterpart, the Kreepy Krauly Platinum (White). Pentair offers a variety of cleaners for purchase but this one is one of the best-looking cleaners they offer! If you have any questions or need help please contact us and we can help you to the best of our ability. 

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