What's in the box? Zodiac TR2D Suction Side Pool Cleaner

     Hello and welcome! Today we’re going to be talking about the Zodiac TR2D. A Trade Series Exclusive item that is only available through local in-store pickup. The TR2D is a suction side pool cleaner, basically, a vacuum that connects to your pool pump and pulls debris into your pool’s pump basket. We’re going to be talking about what you get with your purchase, and what to expect with your cleaner, also we’ll talk a bit about getting started and maintaining your cleaner.
















The Zodiac TR2D sports a stylish streamlined look and a lightweight, durable frame. Zodiac equipped the TR2D with single-Finned Disc Technology – a 14” disc diameter for greater agility in tight corners, and unimpaired cleaning over lights, drains, and wall fittings. This cleaner is truly suitable for all surfaces. The TR2D comes with the fantastic Dura-Life diaphragm. This high-grade rubber and plastic piece within the engine assembly provides incredible durability and minimizes noise as your cleaner sucks and pulls debris off your pool’s surface. This diaphragm is constructed this way so that it can move and expand with the pressure of the water, which would cause a plastic piece to explode or break. Another asset utilized by the cleaner is the deflector wheel that sits on top of the cleaner. This wheel as pictured above juts out far enough around the unit that the unit bounces off of walls and keeps the cleaner from getting stuck in any corners. You also receive a few other things with your purchase. You receive a flow keeper valve; this goes into the skimmer to help make sure you’re getting the right amount of water flow to the cleaner aside from actually turning up your suction from the pump side. You receive a cone skimmer adapter which you insert into your skimmer which creates a connection point for the hose. And an elbow which is inserted into that same cone skimmer to help keep the hose in place and also extends the life of your hose by keeping it from bending too much. Speaking of hoses you receive a very generous 10 twist-lock hoses.


So let’s take a moment to talk about setup and getting your suction side pool pump up and running.

  • Turn off your pump.
  • Vacuum your pool, then clean your filter and pump basket.
  • Run your pump for five minutes to clear the lines after cleaning, then shut it off again.
  • Close your pool main drain line.
  • Aim the return lines downward.
  • Install the wall fitting to your return line or valve assembly inside the skimmer suction port.
  • Lay the hose across your pool from the return line or skimmer to the farthest pool wall. Trim or remove sections of the hose to eliminate excess length.
  • Attach the leader hose to the pool cleaner end of the hose.
  • Submerge the hose, allowing it to fill with water.
  • Submerge your automatic pool cleaner, so it will also fill with water.
  • If your model has a flow regulator valve, install it on the hose now.
  • Attach the leader hose to your pool cleaner.
  • Allow your cleaner to sink to the pool floor, then turn on your pool pump and let your suction-side cleaner get to work.


     I would also like to take a moment to discuss proper maintenance to prevent or at least limit any future issues with your pump. 

  • Empty your filter canister frequently, as it fills with debris from the vacuum.
  • Some suction-side cleaners have in-line canisters to trap larger debris before it fills up your filter canister. If yours has one, be sure to empty it often as well.
  • Check all inlets, brushes, and wheels for trapped debris after every use. Remove anything you find junking up the works. In some models, this will mean opening the body to access the engine, but don’t worry. It’s not like a car engine, just some little paddles that help suck up debris.
  • Check and replace cleaning parts on your suction-side cleaner as needed. Depending on the design of your model, this could mean brushes, foot pads, and filters.
  • Always store your pool cleaner hoses flat so they don’t develop kinks.
     Pictured above you will find the schematic for the Zodiac TR2D. Consult this and the Parts List here if you have any issues with your cleaner and you can easily find a replacement part on our website for the best price around! And with that we come to a close. If you have any questions please watch the attached video or reach out to us directly with the link below. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!


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